Stop Snoring Week Solution for Partners

Sleeping earplugs

National Stop Snoring Week

Do you have a partner whose snoring interrupts a peaceful night’s sleep? 

Did you know 44% of men and 28% of women snore every night so it’s a common problem, you’re not a lone sufferer! 

You’re more likely to snore if you sleep on your back, are pregnant or going through the menopause.

Anyone of any size or age can snore, it occurs as your throat muscles and tongue relax while you’re sleeping.

Sleeping with a snorer can raise your blood pressure and is known to affect a couple’s sex life and overall marital satisfaction.

There’s no need to resort to going into another room or being constantly tired as your sleep is broken throughout the night.  We can help! 

Our custom-made sleep plugs are made to accommodate any movement of the ear while you sleep as they are a perfect fit to your ear. They will block out the sound so you will be totally oblivious to the noise of the snoring. 

We take an impression of your ear and we’ll have you sleeping through the night in no time. Just set your alarm to vibrate.

Call today for an appointment. Custom-made sleep plugs are £99.

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