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Extending our service

Paul and HannahSaturday hearing clinics and 8am till 7pm weekday appointments are now available.  After listening to our patients requests we can now see you out of the normal clinic hours.  Call 020 7486 1053 or e-mail  and let us know an appointment time and date to suit you. 

LiNX – the first “made for iPhone” hearing aid

Now available from Harley Street Hearing.  GN Resound partnered with Apple to create LiNX  which, using Bluetooth technology, connects the hearing aid directly to the iPhone.  The small, slim design lets you hide LiNX if you want to – or show it off if you’d rather, even if you have a severe hearing loss.
Connect to what you love through your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® and enjoy high quality sound through hearing aids that act like wireless stereo headphones.
No matter if the sound you hear is picked up by or streamed to your hearing aids from an iPhone® or another device, all sounds in LiNX are processed and enhanced by Surround Sound.  Imagine using your ReSound Smart™ app to fine-tune the treble/bass of a concert – or a dinner conversation.  Imagine a FaceTime call with a loved one.  Imagine speech that’s clear, strong and easy to understand.  There are more than 1,000,000 apps in the App Store, so think how LiNX could enrich your life.

Be one of the first in the UK to try LiNX call 020 7486 1053 or contact us


Miss Saigon cast protecting their hearing

Miss Saigon at Musicians Hearing ServicesWe’re happy to be working with the cast of Miss Saigon on hearing advice and protection by supplying their custom-made musicians ear plugs.  For on-site visits and on-the-day appointments at our clinics in Harley Street and Golders Green call 020 7486 1053

Lyric is my angel – My personal milestone surfing 3-5ft waves with a hearing aid in!

My name is Alex Hayward, I’m a Property Renovator and Developer (Pinewood Property).  My parents first realised I had a hearing loss when I was 4.  I was given an NHS hearing aid when joining a new school age 7. I was stubborn at this age and never wore it! Then at university I was struggling in lecture theatres so invested in some digital aids. I only used these during lectures, never socially.

 After having your new Lyrics fitted what differences did you notice immediately?

Well it takes a short while to adapt. For 23 years of hearing loss it took me about 4 weeks. Not bad for 23 years ‘out of the loop’. There was no tiredness or side effects during this period, just a little different. Once I was settled in it was small noises like the fizzing of drinks or alka selza  (don’t remind me), birds singing, I can now hear hybrid cars also! Noises I’ve never heard before.

How has wearing your new Lyrics changed your everyday life?

It’s the small things that make a big difference.  Before I’d turn around to face someone and have a sinking feeling that it was third or fourth time they’d called my name, that’s gone – the embarrassment has been replaced by confidence. Previously I had a boss who mumbled and spoke  under his breath and I had to ask him to repeat himself time after time. It’s enough to make you feel so small. I’m not stupid,  just needed a little  help to get back to a level playing field. The Lyric itself is what I always hoped for. When I used to think about being older I always hoped  technology would be far enough advanced by the time I needed it. The Lyric is my Angel. Showering and sleeping with a semi-permanent device has been brilliant.

My personal milestone was after a sports injury , I ruptured my Anterior cruciate ligament and had a grade 1 tear of medial and popliteal ligaments in my right knee in September 2013. After prehab, surgery in January and a lot of rehab work I did my first bit of sport in late September 2014 surfing.  It was while surfing in Cornwall that I realised just how much difference the Lyric has made to my life. Knee in tact surfing 3-5ft waves with a hearing aid in! It was this point that made me so happy.

Why would you recommend Harley Street Hearing?

The Lyric isn’t cheap,  that may change but it’s a fact for now. However,  I was offered from a large hearing care company the same product and to travel to Manchester for care (I’m a Londoner). When I found Harley St Hearing and had my first consultation I was amazed that such care existed for the same price as travelling to Manchester 4 times a year.

Jaspreet Bhara is simply excellent.  You’ll enjoy the comfort and her professionalism backed up by certificates and European awards plastered all over the surgery walls. The team around her and the founder of Harley Street Hearing all make such a difference so when you’re feeling down it’s time to go and see them.

Audeo V – Wear them, love them, forget them

Pic_Beautyshot_Audeo_V_10_Pair_P8_Basic01_SWe are now offering demonstrations of Audéo V, a new generation of hearing aids powered by the cutting-edge AutoSense OS.   Harley Street Hearing have been specially selected to offer our clients these new intelligent devices which represent a revolution in seamless and effortless listening especially in noisy environments.

In a sleek, modern design and a shell reinforced with high-tech composite materials, Audéo V is available in four performance levels and offers a wide choice of colours to either blend in or stand out from your hair or skin tone.

Extracts the single voice you want to hear from a noisy crowd.When noise reaches a level that makes understanding one person in a crowd difficult, StereoZoom is automatically activated, allowing you to focus on the voice you want to hear.  

Understand speech from any direction. Automatically selects the direction of speech and sends this speech signal from one ear to the other, improving speech intelligibility without the need to face the speaker.

Tinnitus Balance noise generator. The Tinnitus Balance noise generator is a feature available for every Phonak Audéo V model. It generates a sound which reduces the annoyance of tinnitus and can be used in sound enrichment tinnitus therapies.

To book your demonstration appointment call 0207 486 1053 or e-mail

If you require any further information on this or any other new technology we’re happy to help.

PC Werth Consulting Services welcome

PC Werth Consulting Services recently ceased trading.  To ensure all their patients continue to receive a high-quality standard of care, Harley Street Hearing have arranged with the trustees to help look after and service all their further audiological needs, please call 020 7 486 1053





Harley Street Hearing bring expertise to the North West

Lyric Centre North West Hearing with Jessica Jane Stafford

Lyric Centre Cheadle with Jessica Jane Stafford

Jessica Jane Stafford (actress & tv star) officially opened our sister company North West Hearing;  Cheadle’s new Lyric and independent hearing centre, and had her Lyric hearing aids checked while she was there.  Jessica Jane has been wearing Lyrics – the only “fit and forget” completely invisible hearing aid “for the past three years.

“Since having my baby I feel confident at night that I will hear him crying at night when I’m asleep. People shouldn’t be embarrassed about hearing loss, it is much more common than you think.  I’d recommend anyone who isn’t sure what to do to just call for a consultation at North West Hearing, I had mine fitted at Harley Street Hearing, their sister company.  They understood my concerns and made me feel completely at ease – make the call it really could change your life.”

If you live in the North West and need any advice on any hearing issues; our hearing healthcare experts will be delighted to help at North West Hearing on  0161 491 1943 or e-mail

Guests at the launch included Jessica Jane Stafford, local councillors and media.

Lyric Centre Cheadle launchNorth West Musicians Hearing Services


Lyric is the only “fit and forget” completely invisible hearing aid which is only available at Lyric Centres – it is not available in any high street stores.

North West Hearing is the new sister company of Harley Street Hearing – London’s Leading Independent Hearing Clinics

It is now also incorporating Musicians Hearing Services North who have been serving the entertainment industries needs for hearing protection for 25 years.


Audiologist of the Year 2 years running

Audiologists of the Year 2014 & 2015

Audiologists of the Year 2014 & 2015

The Harley Street Hearing group are so proud that we were chosen 2 years running for Audiologist of the Year; Dr Greg Nassar (2014/15)  Clinical Services Manager at North West Hearing, and Ms Jaspreet Bahra(2013/14) Senior Audiologist at Harley Street Hearing.

Now in its eighth year, the respected award encourages nominations for professionals who excel in their duties and is a chance for patients to shout about their own audiologist.  If you’d like to nominate your audiologist you don’t just give your audiologist the chance to win, you will also be in the running to pick up a prize. The winning nominee receives a £250 cash prize and electrical goods to the value of £200.

For details of How to Enter visit





Most successful Lyric Centre in Europe

Harley Street Hearing have been awarded the most successful Lyric Centre in Europe and the rest of the world (outside of the USA), pronounced as the “Outstanding Lyric Centre 2015” by worldwide hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak.

Our new clinic, North West Hearing in Greater Manchester, was also named as the best new Lyric Centre.

Pictured above from left to right: Dr Greg Nassar-Clinical Services Manager, North West Hearing, Mr Paul Checkley-Clinical Director, Harley Street Hearing group and Ms Jaspreet Bahra, Harley Street Hearing and the UK’S Senior Lyric Audiologist.

Paul Checkley, Jacob Johnson ,Phillip OrthPictured from left to right: Mr Paul Checkley, Clinical Director-Harley Street Hearing group, Mr Jacob Johnson ENT Surgeon and Clinical Advisor for Lyric, Mr Phillip Orth, Senior Manager Global Marketing-Lyric.


For more information on Lyric, and to come to the most successful Lyric Centre for your free Lyric assessment click here