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Hearsay Autumn 2015

Welcome to HearSay, the latest newsletter from Harley Street Hearing and Musicians Hearing Services. Lots has been happening over the last few months and this is our way of keeping you in the picture.

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Hearsay Front Cover


Read about us in The Telegraph

The Telegraph Hearing

“After 15 years of struggling with his hearing, Keith Davis reached the point of no return. A meeting he chaired eight years ago, as chief executive of a local authority, had taken four times as long as it should as people painstakingly repeated themselves again and again for his benefit.”

The Telegraph discusses how Keith Davis solved his hearing problems, and our clinical director Paul Checkley is mentioned in the article as follows:

Clinical director Paul Checkley at Harley Street Hearing says he is not surprised it takes on average 15 years for people to seek professional help for hearing loss. “Unfortunately there is a stigma around hearing aids as people perceive it as an outward sign you are getting older. Glasses have now become trendy but the stigma remains for hearing aids.”

To read the full article click here

Custom-made musicians earplugs £135

ER-15 on black backgroundFor a limited time only – 8th February to 7th March 2016, to show our support for Tinnitus Awareness Week.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of this one-off price needs to come in for ear impressions – so that your earplugs are a perfect fit. (Ear impressions are completely unique in the same way as your fingerprints are).

Our Musicians Hearing Services clinics are located in:-MHS-B1 (2)

  • Harley Street
  • Golders Green
  • Cheadle, Greater Manchester


Just call 020 7486 1053 and quote TAW 135, or, out of normal office hours, please e-mail with your preferred dates and times.

(For Greater Manchester please call 0161 491 1943 or e-mail






The Shard – new hearing clinic london

HCA The Shard

Shard-Harley Street HearingWe are very pleased to be working with HCA Healthcare offering audiology services at London’s newest high-tech medical facility, The Shard – London’s most iconic 21st century landmark.

For your convenience we can now offer a new location for all our patients, in addition to Harley Street and North London.   Visit us for all your hearing needs including hearing assessments, invisible hearing aids, hearing protection and we work alongside some of London’s leading ENT specialists.

This new London hearing clinic is brought to you by the Harley Street Hearing group; our highly trained hearing healthcare professionals will be delighted to help you.  We’re right next to London Bridge station, located on the 6th floor.

To suit your schedule we are open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday.

To book an appointment at The Shard, 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG call us now on 020 7486 1053.  



CROS hearing aid brings Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star to tears.

Kathryn Edwards“I had no idea I was missing so much.”

Read Kathryn Edwards story – although completely deaf in one ear for the past 18 years now she has the CROS hearing aid which picks up sounds from deaf side and sends them to her hearing ear. No longer is she in the dark when someone is talking to her sitting next on her deaf side.

Kathryn stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  See her story here:-

“First and foremost, my ear doctor’s appointment for my hearing aid. I want to clarify with everyone who might have questions about this device…I am still completely deaf in my right ear. The device is called The Phonak CROS. It picks up sound on my deaf side and transmits the sound to the ear I can hear with. So now, when someone sits on the right side (my deaf ear) and talks, I can hear them.
Also, it magnifies the sound of everything, making it as close to what a person with normal hearing would hear.
As you saw in the episode, it brought me to tears. I had no idea I was missing so much. I have been deaf in one ear for 18 years now, and I have missed a lot of conversations because I simply couldn’t hear. I was so surprised by all the little things I was missing.
I had no idea that I was talking loudly. Losing the sound in one ear is a monumental change…so many things adjust when getting used to being deaf and adjusting the volume of my voice was a change I couldn’t gage until I got the Phonak.
By no means does this mimic what it’s like to hear in stereo, with two ears, but it is still a game changer for me. I feel so blessed that this was an option and I was able to get the Phonak aid.
My biggest hurdle now is remembering to wear it every day. There are days that I want to hear without assistance on my good ear, so I choose not to wear it, but I think I will change that habit, because I want to get used to them completely.
I am so happy to share this with everyone, so hopefully this can help someone else.”




Channel 5’s Undercover hearing testing advice



Harley Street Hearing helps Paul Connolly investigate the world of hearing testing fraud in the UK.  Our Clinical Director, Paul Checkley, discussed correct hearing test practice, and Senior Audiologist, Jaspreet Bahra, tested Paul Connolly to show how hearing testing should be carried out.

You can view our appearance on Channel 5’s UNDERCOVER: Nailing the Fraudsters below:

Hearing Loss Awareness on-line course

This short course is aimed at anyone who interacts with those with a hearing loss or are deaf, who wishes to have a deeper understanding of the issues they face and Deaf culture.

Participants of the short course will enable organisations to be better equipped to meet the needs of deaf people and people with a hearing loss.

It will also help you understand what access support this group of people may need.

The course will look at how deafness affects people in different ways by exploring real life examples, giving you an insight into Deaf culture, identity and sign language.

It uses videos to let you see people communicating, which will help you understand the different methods of communication in practice.

You’ll also learn about causes of deafness and assistive technologies that can help to provide equal access.
Launched by DCAL (Deafness, Cognition and Language) Research Centre, UCL (University College London) the course is entirely self-directed and online, so you can study at your own pace.  For full details on the course and how to sign up please click here


Hearsay Autumn 2016

Welcome to HearSay, the latest newsletter from Harley Street Hearing and Musicians Hearing Services. Lots has been happening over the last few months and this is our way of keeping you in the picture.

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Harley Street Hearing Musicians Hearing Services HearSay Newsletter Autumn 2016

Patient Services Representative


An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Patient Services Representative to join our busy Harley Street practice.

We are looking for a dynamic team member who has excellent communication skills and is able to confidently liaise with our clients. You will be assisting the smooth running of the bustling office and eager to assist with all activities.

The successful candidate will be well spoken with a professional telephone manner, smartly presented, have meticulous secretarial skills and excel in a customer services environment.

Hours: 37.5 hours

To join our team e-mail Harley Street Hearing at with a copy of your CV.