Resound ONE Custom

Resound ONE Custom Hearing Aids

Resound’s ‘Custom’ hearing aids are completely unique, custom made to fit each individual ear shape. Custom sits inside the ear for natural wind noise reduction, are suitable for being outdoors and active lifestyles. In addition they are easy to handle and place in the ear, even for those with dexterity challenges.

resound one custom hearing aids

They are rechargeable and offer 24-hour battery life on a single charge and wireless streaming from iOS and Android phones. They also deliver a 15-30% better speech understanding in noise depending on the hearing loss. 

Resound Custom comes in 2 sizes in both ITC (In the Canal) or ITE (In the Ear) hearing aid styles, housing 2 microphones which is essential for hearing in background noise compared to Resound legacy products.

Resound ONE Custom Hearing Aid Colours

Custom is available in a choice of 6 colours including Anthracite – ideal for those wanting to draw attention to their earphone style of hearing aid.

resound custom hearing aid colours

Resound Custom hearing aids are exactly that – custom-made to fit your ear canal. The key to success with hearing aids is having them expertly fitted and fine-tuned by highly trained clinical audiologists. Call us now to arrange your trial.

Resound ONE Custom Hearing Aid Review

Matthew Allsop is a partner at Harley Street Hearing. He is Hearing Tracker’s worldwide Video Content Manager and gives his honest, independent opinion on all new hearing technology. Hearing Tracker is the world’s first truly-independent resource for hearing aid consumers.

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