Childrens Hearing Aids


The discovery that your child has a hearing loss can be an emotional time. Accepting the hearing loss and then learning as much as you can about what options are available are big steps towards making the best decision for your child.  

Remember, you do not have to make these decisions on your own. Our expert audiologists are there to guide you through the selection process.

 How do I know if my child has a hearing loss? 

You’re likely to be the first person to notice that your child is having hearing problems. They might not respond to you; they might take a long time to learn to speak or they may misunderstand you.  

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You may also notice some or all of the following: 

  • Says “what?”, “pardon?”, or “huh?” frequently 
  • Does not always respond when called 
  • Appears inattentive or prone to daydreaming 
  • Has the TV set at a high volume 
  • Talks too loudly 
  • Has unclear speech or mispronounces words 
  • Becomes unsettled at school 
  • Is often tired, grumpy, frustrated, or overactive 
  • Struggles with reading, spelling and phonics 
  • Struggles to hear in background noise 
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Hearing loss 

It is estimated that approximately 3 children per 1000 are born with a hearing loss. If children with fluctuating hearing loss (eg ear infections etc), high frequency hearing loss and unilateral loss are included, the number is much higher, around one in ten children. 


If your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss you will undoubtedly have lots of questions. What is a hearing loss? Might well be the first one. Hearing loss is described in numbers with a hearing test or in words. Hard of hearing is often used if the loss is in the mild to severe range and “deaf” if the loss is profound and there is little usable hearing. People who are born with a profound loss may have difficulty learning to speak clearly.

Choosing the right solution for your child 

Today there is virtually no child with a hearing loss that cannot benefit from the use of appropriate technology. Children should be fitted with hearing aids as soon as possible to ensure optimum benefit. The choice of hearing aids depends on a number of factors: the level of your child’s hearing, your child’s needs and those of the family all play a role. 

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Why choose the Harley Street Hearing paediatric service? 

  • Fast-track family access to high-quality hearing services for children and young people. 
  • Personalised management to support your child’s individual development; at home / school / college / university. 
  • Personalised management plan to restore hearing or manage hearing loss in a way that supports your child’s development. 
  • Highly qualified audiologists chosen for their empathy and expertise with children and young people.  
  • We see many generations within families so why not have a hearing test yourself.  

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