Gladys Akinseye

Gladys Akinseye is a clinical audiologist who specialises in hearing aid technology, and tinnitus and hyperacusis management. Her experience spans from working as a clinical audiologist in the NHS to working as a research audiologist at the University of Manchester. Through this, she gained a wealth of knowledge in all areas of audiological diagnostics and rehabilitation. This combined with her empathetic and compassionate manner allow her to provide the best possible care for each and every person that she sees.

Gladys has recently had a paper published recently in the Internal Journal of Audiology entitled ‘Is non linear frequency compression amplification beneficial to adults and children with hearing loss’.

Some individuals have a significant high-frequency hearing loss that conventional hearing aids are inept in supporting. That is, even though hearing aids have been obtained, they do not improve the clarity. Most hearing aid manufacturers have devised a technology to overcome this impediment. This feature is being activated in hearing aids of adults and children of all ages despite a lack of knowledge on whether this feature is even effective at improving speech intelligibility. 

To see Gladys’s paper click here.


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