Michael Archer – Retired TV Producer

I remember it was a colleague at London Weekend Television who said to me, when I could no longer cope adequately with the multi sound sources during a live production, “You need hearing aids.  Good ones too”.  And she was right.

I started with one aid from the NHS but it wasn’t the revelation I hoped it would be; Over the years I’ve done most of the major brands.  I’ve even explored the High Street chains.  But I have come to the conclusion that you need a specialist (like a doctor or a surgeon) who knows your case history and who has an open mind about the product you need – and not just a tie-up with a particular supplier and that is when I found Harley Street Hearing.

I recently went for the personal recommendation of Paul Checkley, my specialist at Harley Street Hearing in London.  He unreservedly recommended – for my particular loss – a Phonak Audeo. During my ‘trial’ period, I was amazed by the ‘Zoom’ setting. I sat at one end of our dining table and it literally ‘zoomed’ into the guest at the other end (by-passing all the peripheral chatter in between) and brought her voice clearly into both aids. I would never have dreamed of hearing so well in this situation before..

Audeo actually, it means, “I dare” in Latin. And I do – dare to invest, dare to believe, dare to forget nostalgia and hope for a whole new future; a future in which first-time hearing becomes the expectation rather than the exception.