Ear Syringing

Wax removal

At Harley Street Hearing, we do not carry out private ear syringing in London. Private ear syringing is no longer performed as a method of wax removal as it is deemed unsafe. Instead of seeking out private ear syringing in London, a much more effective and safer option is that of ear irrigation. Unlike ear syringing in London, ear irrigation uses a machine that gently pulses low pressure water into your ear. The water is then carefully directed towards the upper ear canal wall, gently flowing out while bringing the wax with it. Another great alternative to private ear syringing is that of micro suction. This is a process that is preferable due to its safeness and effectiveness as a technique, which can be carried out by our fully qualified clinical audiologists. When choosing an alternative to a private ear syringing session in London, you can rest assured that you can expect a process carried out with the utmost precision accuracy, using high-spec examination microscopes. 

Ear Syringing in London: What to Avoid

It is very unlikely that you will be able to find a reputable hearing clinic that will provide private ear syringing in London. Some people do opt for at-home ear syringing kits, but this is not advised. Ear syringing in London no longer occurs at reputable establishments as there is a growing amount of evidence pointing towards the fact that it can cause harm to those who do it at home or opt for private ear syringing. Those who suffer from the following should especially attempt to avoid private ear syringing:

  • A perforated eardrum
  • Mastoid cavity
  • Cleft palate
  • Foreign objects inside the ear canal
  • Have had an outer or middle-ear infection

If you do find you can access private ear syringing or otherwise, which is not advisable, you should soften the ear wax prior to syringing with the use of ear drops. It must be noted that this could cause your ear wax to expand, causing further complications with a more severe blockage, irritation, or even infection.

Ear Syringing in London: Side Effects

Whether you have chosen private ear syringing or otherwise, you should bear in mind that this is not a treatment that is condoned by well-established health professionals. If you find a clinic performing ear syringing in London, side effects from this treatment could include the following:

Earwax Problems

Earwax can be further impacted into the ear canal through the water being pumped into your ear incorrectly. This can result in infections in areas such as the outer ear canal and of the porous and air-filled bone encircling the ear.

Damage to the Ear Canal and Eardrum

Damage and trauma, inclusive of perforation, can be caused to the ear canal if you opt for the outdated ear syringing in London. Additionally, tinnitus can also be triggered through this technique.

Hearing loss

This could be either temporary or permanent hearing loss, worsening current symptoms or bringing on new issues with your hearing. If you think you require a hearing assessment, we at Harley Street Hearing will do everything we can, providing you with tailor made hearing aids if required.

Please be aware that if you cannot find a private ear syringing clinic in London, this is for a good reason. If self-administered, there is no clinical inspection of the outer ear and ear canal before or after the procedure to check for any contraindications and complications, which can result in even worse results than if you were to use a private ear syringing clinic in London. Please seek the advice of your GP if you think you may have an infection and note that we cannot issues prescriptions.

Contact us for Private Ear Syringing Alternatives

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Rest assured, we can promise that all appropriate social distancing rules are implemented throughout our clinic, aligning with the law as restrictions continue to change. Your private ear syringing alternative audiologist will be wearing PPE and we continue to disinfect all rooms and equipment after each appointment. If you wear hearing aids, please bring these to your appointment so we can check and clean them for you.

“This was my third visit, over a number of years, for micro suction treatment and, once again, I was delighted with the results. The procedure took no more than 20 minutes and was carried out in a safe and Covid secure environment. I would definitely recommend Harley Street Hearing.” Sue Morton


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