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Why Choose CENS Customised shooting protection?

  • The Ultimate Custom Hearing Protection.
  • The sound of a gunshot at close range can irreversibly damage your hearing for life.
  • Instantly suppresses harmful gunshot noise.
  • Effectively suppresses gunshot noise with CENS® ProFlex, the ultimate in obstruction free, comfortable custom-made hearing protection for today’s shooter.
  • No gun mount interference.
  • Allows for conversation and the use of mobile phones without removing your hearing protection.
  • Hear releasing traps and approaching game before anyone else.
  • Unrivalled wearing comfort over long durations. Optional longer battery life modules also available (ProFlex+).
  • 2year warrantee at no extra cost.
  • The Water-ShieldTM bio-compatible coating is a highly durable “Teflon-like” amorphous carbon polymer coating that protects CENS® devices from accidental liquid exposure.
  • Laser marked personalisation as standard on earpieces.

CENS Proflex+Zebra Shooting Plugs

CENS Products we supply:-

CENS® ProFlex digital 1e

ProFlex digital 1e, are the new entry level digital noise suppressor from CENS. The digital 1e features a 4 stage volume control push button, digital DSP circuitry, Low battery warning and modular design. Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone material, these digital, ultra-soft noise suppressors are designed to be extremely comfortable over a long duration, whilst still providing the excellent suppression that you expect from CENS® digital. The Digital 1e earmould comes in red on the right and blue on the left, with a black module.

Ideal for use with both rifle and shotgun shooters.

CENS ProFlex (+) Digital 1

The standard noise suppression plugs, featuring a volume control and soft canal tip. The single program electronics instantly suppress loud gunshot noise, while also boosting ambient sounds allowing for normal conversation, and amplification of game and the releasing trap.

Ideal for good all-round use with both rifles and shotguns in all shooting disciplines

CENS ProFlex (+) Digital 2

Advanced noise suppression plugs, featuring a volume control and soft canal tip. They feature two pre-programmed settings for use in clay or game shooting situations. These settings enhance the hearing and noise suppression capabilities depending on your environment, to give you an even better experience.

Ideal for game and clay shooting, but users will find the versatility is far wider, and may prefer each program in a range of environmental conditions.

CENS Proflex (+) Hunter

Features two pre-programmed settings; standard and extra wind noise reduction. This second setting, activated by the pushbutton, provides increased wind noise reduction, without losing the ability to hear sounds such as wing beats and animal cries.

Every pair is supplied with CENS® Wind Shields that fit over the ear, cutting down wind noise even further when using a high chair or when shooting in severe conditions.

Ideal for hunting and stalking, but its versatility means it may also be used on the clay ground or for vermin control.

CENS Proflex (+) Competition

When on the stand, program 2 mutes sound amplification to allow for concentration and once off the stand, program 1 provides amplification for situation awareness and conversation without the need to remove the hearing protection.

Ideal for regular clay competition shooters, and shooters who require maximum concentration when taking that important shot, before being able to go back to having a normal conversation.

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Reactive Shooting Plugs