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“After 15 years of struggling with his hearing, Keith Davis reached the point of no return. A meeting he chaired eight years ago, as chief executive of a local authority, had taken four times as long as it should as people painstakingly repeated themselves again and again for his benefit.”

The Telegraph discusses how Keith Davis solved his hearing problems, and our clinical director Paul Checkley is mentioned in the article as follows:

Clinical director Paul Checkley at Harley Street Hearing says he is not surprised it takes on average 15 years for people to seek professional help for hearing loss. “Unfortunately there is a stigma around hearing aids as people perceive it as an outward sign you are getting older. Glasses have now become trendy but the stigma remains for hearing aids.”

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In Oscar-nominated film Sound of Metal, Riz Ahmed plays a rocker who loses his hearing. Sadly, the story is a reality for too many musicians.

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