Resound Omnia

Resound Omnia Hearing Aids

Introducing the new ReSound Omnia hearing aid family. Omnia delivers new speech enhancement and directional microphone features which Resound state delivers a 150% improved speech clarity — especially in background noise.

Resound Omnia Suitability

Omnia has 3 technology levels and is suitable for mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss. Omnia has a selection of receivers ranging from low power, moderate, high and ultra power, and also Resound’s very unique receiver M&RIE.

Available with disposable batteries and 3 rechargeable options – standard, premium & desktop.  These chargers give you up to 30 hours of use, and the premium version is ideal for anyone travelling as it stores up to 3 full days of charge.

Resound Omnia hearing aids

Resound M&RIE receiver

The M&RIE unique receiver has an ‘extra’ microphone that sits in the ear canal, this is in addition to two on the back of your hearing aids. Resound reports that M&RIE considers your individual ear shape collecting sound the way nature intended. This results in the best hearing in background noise that Resound have been able to achieve.

Your audiologist will assist with the technology to suit your individual requirements. Book in for a trial now.

Resound Omnia Benefits

Omnia also offers:

  • Exceptional self-hearing – you can hear your own voice as you know it
  • Crystal-clear phone calls and direct streaming from your favourite devices
  • Optimal on-ear comfort
  • An all-weatherproof design for less maintenance
  • Hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad

Resound Omnia hearing aid colours

resound omnia hearing aid colours

Available in 8 colours to match your hair, skin shade or personal preference. Your audiologist will help you choose the best option for you.

Resound Omnia Review

Matthew Allsop is a Partner at Harley Street Hearing. He is Hearing Tracker’s worldwide Video Content Manager and gives his honest, independent opinion on all new hearing technology. Hearing Tracker is the world’s first truly-independent resource for hearing aid consumers.

To see Matthew’s review of Resound Omnia hearing aids click below:

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