Hearing Tests for Children


Harley Street Hearing’s expert team of paediatric clinical audiologists offer private hearing tests for children aged 2 years and above.

Our paediatric audiologists specialise in offering gentle, age-appropriate assessments in a friendly and comfortable setting. We know how challenging it can be to discover that your child has hearing loss, and we’re here every step of the way from the initial hearing test, choosing any necessary hearing technology right through to providing unrivalled aftercare.

Please note: Paediatric testing is carried out following referral by an ENT surgeon, no referral is required for 4 years +. 2-4 years olds can be seen at our clinic at North London Hearing in Golders Green by referral only. At our Harley Street clinics, we can see children from 4 years old.

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Diagnosing hearing loss in children

In the UK children have their hearing screened at birth and typically again when they start school; however, many childhood hearing problems can develop between these times, meaning any hearing concerns should be thoroughly investigated with further testing.

If you suspect that your child has hearing loss, it’s vital they get checked so that any issues can be addressed as soon as possible.

How to recognise a child’s hearing loss

If you are your child’s primary carer, it is likely that you’ll be the first person to notice any hearing issues. 

There are various ways that hearing loss in children and teenagers presents initially. 

This can include lack of or minimal responses, taking a long time to learn how to speak or if they often misunderstand what you are saying.

Some tell-tale signs include the following:

  • Says “what?”, “pardon?”, or “huh?” frequently
  • Does not always respond when called
  • Appears inattentive or prone to daydreaming
  • Has the TV set at a high volume
  • Talks too loudly
  • Has unclear speech or mispronounces words
  • Becomes unsettled at school
  • Is often tired, grumpy, frustrated, or overactive
  • Struggles with reading, spelling and phonics
  • Struggles to hear in background noise

Our paediatric hearing tests

Harley Street Hearing offers the following hearing tests for children:

this test involves finding the quietest sounds your child can hear by engaging them in a game every time they hear a sound. The sounds can be played through a pair of headphones and also a small button which sends vibrations to their inner ear. This allows the audiologist to test whether there may be a problem with sound travelling through the ear, or with the inner ear.

this test is similar to a hearing test for an adult. A range of sounds are presented to your child’s ears using headphones and they respond to every sound they hear by pressing a button. The inner ear can also be tested using a small vibrating button placed behind the ear to provide information on the cause of any hearing loss.

Tympanometry involves placing a soft rubber tip into your child’s ear and lightly changing the pressure to test for any issues with their middle-ear. This test is quick and automatic, making it suitable for children of all ages. This test is very important in checking for middle-ear problems such as glue ear.

Children’s hearing aids

Hearing loss in childhood is highly manageable with the use of hearing aids, and our audiologists can recommend the most suitable product that will give your child optimum results for their individual needs.

Whether hearing loss is temporary or permanent, children can greatly benefit from using a hearing aid to amplify the sounds they may be missing. Whether at home, school, college or university, this ensures that they have access to even soft levels of speech to aid their learning and communication.

hearing aids for children

As an independent audiology clinic, we can offer an extensive range of children’s hearing aids from industry-leading manufacturers with many styles and colours to choose from. We’ll work with you and your child to guide you through the selection process and ensure they get the most out of their hearing aids in a way that enables them to continue developing their speech and language skills as they grow.

We recognise that this can be a huge lifestyle change for children, and we’re to help them adapt to their new way of hearing so that they can live without fearing any stigma or feelings of isolation.

Children’s Hearing Aid Colours

Children’s hearing aids come in a large selection of colours. Choose with your audiologist the style that is best for your child’s needs. 

Children’s RITE (Receiver In Ear) choices.

childrens hearing aid colours

Children’s BTE (Behind the Ear) choices.

Children’s BTE hearing aid choices also come with a selection of seven coloured tamperproof earhooks.

childrens bte hearing aids

Book a hearing test for your child

Harley Street Hearing’s expert audiologists are chosen for their empathetic nature when caring for children, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. We offer fast-track family access to high-quality hearing services for children and teenagers, with personalised management to support your child’s individual development.

If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing, click here to find your nearest clinic or call us using the button below to book a hearing test and put your mind at rest.

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