Hearing Aids

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Hearing aid consultations in London

Harley Street Hearing’s clinical audiologists offer clear, independent advice on hearing aids to help find the best solution to optimise your hearing potential.

Finding the best technology for you starts with your hearing test and consultation where we can accurately diagnose your level of hearing loss, and find out more about you and your lifestyle. This paints a clear picture of not only the technology you need to improve your hearing, but also the hearing aids that would meet the needs of your day-to-day life.

Whether the results show that you could benefit from hearing aids, or you feel your current devices are no longer suitable for your needs, we can help.

As a completely independent practice, we have a complete portfolio of hearing aids from all major UK manufacturers and aren’t affiliated with any one company. This means that we can carefully choose the best technology that suits your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

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What to expect after your hearing aid consultation

At Harley Street Hearing we pride ourselves on the skills of our clinical audiologists and the wealth of expertise that we have with the latest hearing aid technology.

The most important factors for the successful fitting of hearing aids are the programming and fine-tuning of each instrument, which is where our expertise is essential. Once you have decided on the best hearing aids for you to trial we will arrange a fitting appointment.

1. Fitting & instrument consultation

  • Initial fitting and programming of the hearing aids using computerised sound samples to imitate real-life situations
  • Programming the hearing aid settings to suit your individual needs
  • Providing full instructions on how to use and care for your hearing aids, including cleaning and ongoing maintenance.
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2. Follow-up and ongoing support

  • You will receive a courtesy call 2-3 days after the fitting to check there are no issues
  • You will be invited in for an appointment 1-2 weeks later to discuss your progress and we will carry out any fine-tuning or adjustments needed
  • Further appointments can be arranged until you are completely satisfied

3. Aftercare

Once you become a Harley Street Hearing patient you will receive lifelong access to our aftercare service. This includes:

  • A lifetime of annual hearing tests and our comprehensive hearing check-up service
  • Any further adjustments to the hearing aids or advice about how to use them, with unlimited appointments for the first two years
  • All hearing aids will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for an agreed period
  • Ongoing repair and cleaning services
  • Our complimentary loan system if your hearing aids needs to be sent for repair or are lost
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At Harley Street Hearing, we pride ourselves on our in-depth aftercare and support. We prioritise our patients at every step of the process and are here to guide you through the initial hearing aid adjustment period, and beyond, to ensure that you’re always getting the most out of your hearing aids.

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Hearing aids FAQ’s

at Harley Street Hearing, we are a fully independent clinic and are not tied to any specific hearing aid manufacturer so the hearing aids we present to you will always be the best for your individual requirements.

we have access to ALL hearing aids, and the most appropriate hearing aids really depends on you and what you need from your hearing aids; so, whether you’re a musician, retired, or have a busy life with varied listening situations, after we assess your hearing and lifestyle we will able to recommend the most appropriate hearing aid specifically for you.

No, hearing aids come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and technology levels. They are always programmed to your individual prescription, and some of them are custom made – so each hearing aid is unique!

as a fully independent audiological practice, we work with ALL manufacturers. We choose the best hearing technology for you, ensuring that you reach your full hearing potential.

of course!  All hearing aids are fitted on a trial basis. You have a 30 day trial period to acclimatise to the use of your hearing technology and if needed this can be extended until you are completely satisfied.  If you get to the end of the trial and are not completely satisfied then it is possible to exchange your hearing aids for a different set instead at no further cost. Patients rarely choose to return their hearing aids, however, should this be the case we will organise a refund.

hearing aids range from £2990 to £5240 for a pair of devices, dependent on styles and levels of technology. This includes your ongoing aftercare appointments, annual check-ups, and warranty without any additional costs.

payment is taken at your fitting appointment just before you leave the practice wearing your new hearing aids. There are also payment plan options for paying over a period of time using a direct debit.

almost all of the new hearing aid styles these days are discrete, however the most invisible in the ear device is the Phonak Lyric hearing aid.  Your audiologist will show you all options available.

All degrees of hearing loss can affect one’s quality of life, causing difficulty in everyday situations. Today’s hearing aids can be helpful even for mild hearing losses, so if you’re experiencing problems with your hearing, it’s important to have a hearing assessment and discuss the options with an audiologist.

whistling is normally caused by one of two things; either wax in the ear canal, or an earmould that isn’t fitted correctly. Both of which cause amplified sound to leak out of the ear canal and to be picked up by the hearing aid. There’s not a lot that you can do at home so if you experience whistling we would advise you to book in with one of our audiologists to assess the issue.

this all depends on the hearing aids and the batteries that they use:

  • Invisible in canal (IIC) size 10 hearing aid batteries: 3-5 days
  • Receiver in the ear (RITE) size 312 hearing aid batteries: 5-10 days
  • Behind the ear (BTE) size 13 hearing aid batteries: 7-10 days
  • Phonak Lyric extended wear hearing aid: 2-3 months

a full charge takes 3 hours and will provide you a full 24 hours’ worth of battery life. If you forget to charge them, a quick 30 minutes of charging will provide you with 6 hours of battery life.

first and foremost change the battery, followed by the wax filter if it still doesn’t come to life. If it still doesn’t work then call the practice and we will book you in to see one of our audiologists to diagnose any issues with your hearing aid. If it can’t be repaired in clinic we may have to send it off to the manufacturers for repair, and we will loan you a hearing aid in the meantime.

most hearing aids are water-resistant but not waterproof. So if your hearing aid does get wet we recommend placing it in a drying kit to allow the moisture to dry out. If this is to no avail come by the practice and we will organise a repair and loan hearing aid.

with Harley Street Hearing, part of your aftercare is a two years’ supply of batteries. Following this, you can purchase them through us. The batteries are universally colour coded, so if you are abroad you should be able to locate some wherever you are based.

they are, and we would advise these to be recycled as you would with ordinary batteries, in the battery recycle bins you often find at supermarkets. Alternatively, you can drop these into us and we can recycle them for you.

your audiologist will go through the insertion process during your hearing aid fitting appointment, depending on your type of hearing aid, and this will be practiced at length within this appointment until you are confident with inserting the hearing aids yourself.

your audiologist will show you the most appropriate way to watch the television with your hearing aids. Some hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity and it is possible to stream sound from your telephone or television to your hearing aids.

hearing aids come in various different technology levels, which revolve around the clarity that the hearing aids can provide, how well they cope in background noise, and the degree of automation that the hearing aids have. Your audiologist will go into detail on the ones that they feel are most appropriate based on your lifestyle and hearing test results.

rechargeable options are often preferable for dexterity and ease, as well as from a cost perspective. They are often slightly larger in size however, albeit marginally so. As well as this there are currently no invisible in the ear devices that come in a rechargeable option, therefore this is something to bear in mind when discussing styles of hearing aids with your audiologist.

yes. We do have a thorough follow up process which would normally happen in the first couple months of the hearing aids being fitted, however we can adjust this to suit your needs and travel arrangements. It is now possible to remotely adjust the settings on your hearing aids too, so if you are overseas your audiologist will be able to remotely connect to the hearing aids and make adjustments to the settings from the practice.

this is possible, but it really depends on your hearing test results and the environments that you have difficulty hearing in. We can certainly trial any hearing aids you have been recommended if they’re suitable and of a particular interest to you.

We are more than happy to test, diagnose and guide you through any issues you might have with your hearing aids. Where possible we will resolve any repairs in our clinic, but if your device needs to go away to the manufacturer, we will be on hand to assist and get the device working again.

If the hearing loss is affecting your quality of life, you should consider a hearing aid. It’s important to address a hearing loss as early as possible, even if it’s mild. Most people with mild hearing loss are surprised with how much they were missing after trying hearing aids for the first time.

Yes. Wireless devices should be kept at least 15cm away from a pacemaker, so it’s perfectly safe to wear hearing aids. If you have a wireless hearing aid accessory, such as a remote control, please remember to always keep it away from your chest (i.e. do not place it in your shirt pocket).

Hearing aids can help the vast majority of hearing losses, but there are some situations where individuals don’t find them beneficial. This is why our hearing aids come with a 30 day trial.

No. Hearing aids are prescription hearing devices, and a hearing test is necessary to determine the prescription you need.

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