Tinnitus Therapy

Ringing in your ears can be a debilitating sensation, interfering with your day-to-day life in a negative way. Tinnitus retraining therapy can enable you with the means of overcoming whistling, hissing, or ringing noises that are often experienced due to over exposure to loud noises. Often experienced by musicians or those who work with loud machinery, a wide range of individuals can suffer from tinnitus. Contact Harley Street Hearing for the very best tinnitus therapy today.

How is Tinnitus Experienced?

The level of tinnitus therapy required will range from mild to severe. The milder form of tinnitus can be experienced as quiet background noise, while the more serious cases of those who need tinnitus therapy will experience a disturbing loud noise. This can either be intermittent or continuous, with each individual experiencing different levels of loudness. Often, those in need of tinnitus therapy will find that tinnitus is the most disturbing when there is no other noise surrounding them, due to the lack of distraction and increased awareness of the disturbance. Night-time is often reported as the most common time when tinnitus is the most disturbing, distracting those who require tinnitus retraining therapy from sleeping when in a quiet room. So, what can be done? Tinnitus retraining therapy helps those who suffer with, allowing them to find a way of experiencing the sounds around them in a normal way with the help of tinnitus therapy hearing aids.

Who Can Develop Tinnitus?

Many individuals are susceptible to developing tinnitus. Both men and women of any age are at risk of requiring tinnitus retraining therapy, with an approximated 10% of the population falling within this group.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Tinnitus retraining therapy is needed for those who suffer from a noise being generated in their auditory pathways. Although the cause is not completely understood for every individual, it is thought to often be a result of exposure to loud noise such as machinery or live music. With the general belief that there are multiple possible mechanisms that may generate tinnitus, this is why there is no specific “cure all” tinnitus therapy treatment as of yet.

Tinnitus Therapy: What Can be Done?

If you require tinnitus retraining therapy as a result of noise exposure, one preventative measure you can employ is to use ear plugs that will protect you from further damage. If you are suffering greatly from the effects of tinnitus, there are various other forms of tinnitus therapy to help you. There is no cure per se but reducing your general levels of stress and anxiety could well help with the negative impact tinnitus is having on your life. Some key ways in which you can manage tinnitus through tinnitus therapy include:

Mental and Physical Therapy for Tinnitus

Physical therapy for tinnitus, along with calming body-based therapies, counselling and psychotherapy can help restore well-being, which in turn allows tinnitus to settle. Keeping your mind occupied can also be a great form of tinnitus retraining therapy.  Many people say they notice tinnitus less when they are doing something that distracts them from the condition.

Massage therapy for tinnitus may also help to relieve tinnitus symptoms in a variety of different ways. Physical therapy for tinnitus such as massages can reduce stress, which is exacerbated by tinnitus. Massage therapy for tinnitus can help relieve tinnitus and the underlying conditions related to tinnitus.  By helping to relieve muscle tension, massage therapy for tinnitus can help to resolve any main issues that can make tinnitus worse.

Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Tinnitus sound therapy and tinnitus music therapy can be a great way to help with the negative impact tinnitus has on those afflicted with it. Tinnitus sound therapy such as using a fan at night, listening to natural sounds such as water or even using ASMR at bedtime is a good form of tinnitus sound therapy online, with many individuals with tinnitus approving this method. Tinnitus music therapy is also a great combative method. Tinnitus music therapy is as simple as listening to quiet, uneventful, relaxing music, essentially working the same way as tinnitus sound therapy, but using music as a distraction. Tinnitus sound therapy machines are also available for those with a more severe form of tinnitus. We can provide tinnitus sound therapy machines, which are comparatively inexpensive compared to the benefits that they offer. When used, these allow for white noise therapy for tinnitus, which has been praised for its effectiveness, especially at bedtime.

Other Forms of Tinnitus Therapy

Infrared light therapy for tinnitus is another form of tinnitus therapy that is sometimes used as a treatment. Infrared light therapy for tinnitus essentially utilises laser energy, which is thought to help repair damaged tissue while rejuvenating cells, allowing for them to return to a healthier state. The lasers used in infrared light therapy for tinnitus stimulates the mitochondria inside your cells, allowing them to produce energy.

As well as infrared light therapy for tinnitus, coloured light tinnitus therapy is also being used to treat the bothersome, distracting noises associated with tinnitus. Please be aware that evidence is still being formulated here, which is why we do not offer coloured or infrared light therapy for tinnitus at Harley Street.

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The majority of sufferers endure an acute phase of distress when the problem begins, followed by an improvement over time.  But for a minority of patients the distress is on-going, and they will require specialist support. If you are worried about your tinnitus, our hearing therapist can help you decide on the best course of action for you, inclusive of tinnitus therapy hearing aids. Having tinnitus does not mean you will automatically have hearing loss but it is advisable to have your hearing checked. If you are exposed to loud noise, we can help with the right hearing protection.

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Tinnitus Therapy

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