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Hearing Test

Having a hearing loss can be isolating and hard to accept. When you come to Harley Street Hearing, we will treat you with care and understanding, paying particular attention to your individual hearing needs. 

To book a hearing test and consultation to check for any hearing loss, call us or fill in our online enquiry form below.

Why Choose Us For Your Hearing Consultation

We have been established on Harley Street for over 25 years and our clinical audiologists are highly trained to ensure that you leave our clinic hearing to the very best of your ability. As we are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council you do not need to be referred by a GP or ENT Consultant to see us.

Book a hearing test with us today. For more information on the assessment and testing process can be found here.

Hearing Aid Consultation

Should you hearing test results show you have a hearing loss and would benefit from hearing aids, we will select and recommend the best option to suit your lifestyle and budget.

As an independent practice, we will choose from the complete range of up-to-date hearing aids with technology that includes:-

  • Truly invisible Swiss-made solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence with integrated sensors
  • Updated processing abilities to hear clearly in background noise
  • Rechargeable hearing aids – removing the need to change batteries

If you already use hearing aids, we can check the settings, make any necessary adjustments, and show you the latest innovations in hearing aid technology that could improve your hearing further.

Lyric Hearing Aid Test

If you already know you have a hearing loss and would like to trial the only “truly” invisible hearing aid ‘Lyric’, we offer a FREE Lyric hearing aid consultation and a 30-day trial.

To book your private hearing test at our Harley Street Hearing clinic, call us to arrange for a time that is convenient to you.


as an independent practice we provide all hearing aids from all manufacturers. You will be booked in with one of our highly qualified Clinical Audiologists for a 90-minute appointment, where we will assess your lifestyle, the health of your ears, as well as your hearing loss.

We will recommend the most suitable bespoke technology. Hearing aids come as a blank canvas, and it is our job to tailor the acoustic design of your hearing aids to suit your hearing test results and individual lifestyle requirements.

We will also send a report to your GP or ENT Consultant on the health of your ears, and if there is anything of concern it will be referred on accordingly.

at Harley Street Hearing, we are a fully independent clinic and are not tied to any specific hearing aid manufacturer so the hearing aids we present to you will always be the best for your individual requirements.

hearing aids range from £3990 to £5240 for a pair of devices, dependent on styles and levels of technology. This includes your ongoing aftercare appointments, annual check-ups, and warranty without any additional costs.

call the practice on 0207 486 1053 and we look forward to seeing you within a few days of you contacting us.

this is dependent on the hearing aid style.  Normally you can have your new hearing aids within 2-3 weeks.

we have access to ALL hearing aids, and the most appropriate hearing aids really depends on you and what you need from your hearing aids; so, whether you’re a musician, retired, or have a busy life with varied listening situations, after we assess your hearing and lifestyle we will able to recommend the most appropriate hearing aid specifically for you.

we pride ourselves on the skills and the wealth of expertise of our highly trained clinical audiologists. The hearing aid itself is only one part of the overall rehabilitation process. The most important factors for the successful fitting of hearing aids are the programming and fine tuning of each instrument; which is where the expertise of our audiologists is essential.

as a fully independent audiological practice, we work with ALL manufacturers. We choose the best hearing technology for you, ensuring that you reach your full hearing potential.

payment is taken at your fitting appointment just before you leave the practice wearing your new hearing aids. There are also payment plan options for paying over a period of time using a direct debit.

of course!  All hearing aids are fitted on a trial basis. You have a 30 day trial period to acclimatise to the use of your hearing technology and if needed this can be extended until you are completely satisfied.  If you get to the end of the trial and are not completely satisfied then it is possible to exchange your hearing aids for a different set instead at no further cost. Patients rarely choose to return their hearing aids, however, should this be the case we will organise a refund.

your audiologist will perform a comprehensive audiological assessment based on your challenges.  This can include (but is not limited to) otoscopy, tympanometry and stapedial reflexes, otoacoustic emissions, pure tone audiometry, and speech testing in both quiet and in noise.

in theory yes, it is possible. However, your assessment is much more than just the hearing test. At your appointment your audiologist will examine the health of your ear canals, assess your entire auditory system, and discuss the most appropriate style and hearing aid for you, dependent upon, and tailored to your specific needs. It’s difficult to do that without having you sat in front of us.

nothing is needed. If you do have any previous hearing test results these can be useful to assess any changes that may have happened to your hearing over a period of time.

almost all of the new hearing aid styles these days are discrete, however the most invisible in the ear device is the Phonak Lyric hearing aid.  Your audiologist will show you all options available.

due to the sheer volume of styles, colours and technologies available we don’t keep stocks in clinic. Each order is done for the individual. The only exception to this is the Lyric hearing aid, our audiologists can advise if this is suitable for you.

an initial hearing aid consultation and assessment takes an hour and a half and is £100. If hearing aids are appropriate for you, the £100 is then deducted from the price of your hearing aids.

health insurance may cover the cost of the consultation, however, most do not cover the cost of hearing aids. Please check with them for authorisation.

yes. There is an additional cost to the £100 consultation of £125. This covers the audiologist’s time spent out of clinic.

yes. We do have a thorough follow up process which would normally happen in the first couple months of the hearing aids being fitted, however we can adjust this to suit your needs and travel arrangements. It is now possible to remotely adjust the settings on your hearing aids too, so if you are overseas your audiologist will be able to remotely connect to the hearing aids and make adjustments to the settings from the practice.

this is possible, but it really depends on your hearing test results and the environments that you have difficulty hearing in. We can certainly trial any hearing aids you have been recommended if they’re suitable and of a particular interest to you.

Hearing Consultation

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