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Harley Street Hearing offers professional, thorough hearing tests.

Hearing tests are a vital tool to help effectively diagnose any hearing loss, even if you don’t realise you have it. Early detection is crucial to prevent your hearing from declining over time, and together we can devise the most suitable solution for you.

As an independent hearing clinic, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding service and treating all of our patients with the utmost care and understanding, whilst paying particular attention to your individual hearing needs.

To book a hearing test and consultation with one of our fully qualified clinical audiologists, call us using the button below, or fill in our online enquiry form.

Why choose Harley Street Hearing?

We are London’s largest independent audiology clinic, established on Harley Street for over 25 years. Our clinical audiologists are highly trained to ensure that you leave our clinic fully informed about your hearing health and equipped with the right tools to help you hear to the best of your ability.

As we are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, you do not need to be referred by a GP or ENT Consultant to book an appointment with us. We are also accepted providers of hearing health care by most medical insurance companies.

What to expect from your hearing consultation

Every hearing consultation at Harley Street Hearing is in-depth and comprehensive, designed to produce the most accurate results, with your audiologist taking the time to talk you through each step.

Your 90 minute appointment includes:

  • A full audiometric hearing assessment including speech discrimination testing where necessary
  • Examination of the ear and auditory canal
  • A full explanation of the results
  • An in-depth lifestyle assessment where we find out more about your individual needs and requirements
  • A copy of your audiogram for you to keep for future reference
  • Reports to your GP or ENT Specialists if required

Should your hearing test results show that you would benefit from hearing aids, we will recommend the best options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

private hearing test

Book a hearing test

If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing it’s important that you book a hearing test as soon as possible.

Harley Street Hearing are here to help. Call us directly using the button below or complete the form.

Lyric hearing aid consultation

If you already know you have a hearing loss and would like to trial the only “truly” invisible hearing aid ‘Lyric’, we offer a FREE Lyric hearing aid consultation and a 30-day trial.

To book your private hearing test at our Harley Street Hearing clinic, call us to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

Harley Street Hearing is the home of independent audiology in London.

Lyric invisible hearing aid


A hearing test includes an in-depth audiometric hearing assessment to determine your current hearing abilities, and a full examination of the ear.

We also conduct a lifestyle assessment which involves answering a series of questions that help us to understand your individual needs to make tailored treatment recommendations.

as an independent practice we provide all hearing aids from all manufacturers. You will be booked in with one of our highly qualified Clinical Audiologists for a 90-minute appointment, where we will assess your lifestyle, the health of your ears, as well as your hearing loss.

We will recommend the most suitable bespoke technology. Hearing aids come as a blank canvas, and it is our job to tailor the acoustic design of your hearing aids to suit your hearing test results and individual lifestyle requirements.

We will also send a report to your GP or ENT Consultant on the health of your ears, and if there is anything of concern it will be referred on accordingly.

A hearing test and consultation appointment is 90 minutes which includes a full audiometric hearing and lifestyle assessment to find your individual needs and requirements.

call the practice on 0207 486 1053 and we look forward to seeing you within a few days of you contacting us.

Are you finding it difficult to follow conversations? Do you find you’re turning the tv or radio up to an uncomfortable volume for those around you? Does speech and other sounds seem muffled? Do you have trouble hearing high-pitched sounds? If any of these apply to you or you have noticed that your hearing is not what it used to be, you should book a hearing test as soon as possible.

Tinnitus is a subjective perception of sound. While there isn’t a test to detect tinnitus, there are tests to help measure the pitch and intensity of your tinnitus. We also use questionnaires to help understand how the tinnitus impacts your quality of life. If you have troublesome tinnitus, book an appointment with our Hearing Therapists and they can help you understand and manage it better.

Similarly to any other health check-ups such as eye tests, annual hearing tests are recommended especially if you notice any changes in your hearing, regardless of your age.

this is dependent on the hearing aid style.  Normally you can have your new hearing aids within 2-3 weeks.

we pride ourselves on the skills and the wealth of expertise of our highly trained clinical audiologists. The hearing aid itself is only one part of the overall rehabilitation process. The most important factors for the successful fitting of hearing aids are the programming and fine tuning of each instrument; which is where the expertise of our audiologists is essential.

your audiologist will perform a comprehensive audiological assessment based on your challenges.  This can include (but is not limited to) otoscopy, tympanometry and stapedial reflexes, otoacoustic emissions, pure tone audiometry, and speech testing in both quiet and in noise.

in theory yes, it is possible. However, your assessment is much more than just the hearing test. At your appointment your audiologist will examine the health of your ear canals, assess your entire auditory system, and discuss the most appropriate style and hearing aid for you, dependent upon, and tailored to your specific needs. It’s difficult to do that without having you sat in front of us.

nothing is needed. If you do have any previous hearing test results these can be useful to assess any changes that may have happened to your hearing over a period of time.

due to the sheer volume of styles, colours and technologies available we don’t keep stocks in clinic. Each order is done for the individual. The only exception to this is the Lyric hearing aid, our audiologists can advise if this is suitable for you.

an initial hearing aid consultation and assessment takes an hour and a half and is £100.

health insurance may cover the cost of the consultation, however, most do not cover the cost of hearing aids. Please check with them for authorisation.

yes. There is an additional cost to the £100 consultation of £125. This covers the audiologist’s time spent out of clinic.

As we are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, you do not need to be referred by a doctor to book an appointment with us.

Hearing Consultation

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