Hearing aids

With the help of London’s largest audiology clinic, you can be assured that you are getting the best hearing aids for your personal needs. Having been practicing on Harley Street for over 25 years, we are conveniently located for your appointment with one of our highly qualified audiologists at our hearing clinic in London.

Unlike many high street chains, we carefully choose from hearing technology made by every manufacturer to ensure that you can wear hearing aids personalised to you and your own hearing needs to help enhance day to day life. The best hearing aids in London are designed to suit all situations, helping improve your hearing at home as well as on the go in the workplace or at busy social events.

The advancements in hearing technology have been remarkable, helping enhance your quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety that can be experienced in social situations, all thanks to the help of advanced hearing aids.

Thorough Consultations for Hearing Aids in the UK

With the advanced technology available to us we can achieve outstanding results which are bespoke to your personal needs. From discreet hearing aids to completely invisible models, we’ll work with you to provide the best hearing aids in London to meet your specific requirements.

Make a change today by booking a hearing assessment with one of our highly trained clinical audiologists in the comfort of our clinic. We will test your hearing and discuss your individual requirements and lifestyle to create your bespoke plan for the best hearing aids in the UK. Once we have decided on the best course of action you will return to the clinic for the initial fitting and programming session in which we test out different real-life scenarios to best programme your hearing technology and provide you with instructions for use.

From then on, we will be here to provide you with ongoing support. The cost of hearing aids includes the necessary adjustments and fine-tuning as well as complimentary annual reviews for the lifetime of your hearing aids. We will check in with you to ensure the hearing aids are meeting your requirements and are on hand for any cleaning or repairs you may need.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids For You

With so many types of hearing aids on the market, choosing the ideal model for your lifestyle and needs can be overwhelming. Following your initial consultation, the most appropriate hearing aids for you will be recommended, so you can make an informed decision based on our clinical audiologists’ professional advice. There are many different types of hearing aids that are available to you.

The advanced technology of Lyric and IIC (Invisible in the Ear) hearing aids take standard technology up a level when it comes to hearing aids in the UK. We offer a range of invisible hearing aids that fit completely inside the ear, so no-one will ever know you have them.

Lyric hearing aids are a revolutionary style of hearing technology that is placed deep in the ear canal and can be worn continuously for up to 3 months at a time.

For removable hearing aids which have a discreet, natural-looking appearance, ITE (In the Ear) models are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Similarly, Micro OTE (Over the Ear) hearing aids also create a discreet appearance thanks to their ergonomic design that sits behind the ear, offering incredible clarity through a lightweight model that can be taken on and off with ease. BTE (Behind the Ear) models provide a great deal of volume, benefiting those dealing with all degrees of hearing loss and the addition of wireless technology makes them ideal for situations like the workplace.

For those dealing with both hearing and sight impairments, hearing glasses offer an all-in-one solution. Combining sound and vision, these unique hearing aids can be created in line with your existing prescription for glasses.

Cost of Hearing Aids

We tailor our approach to provide each and every visitor to our clinic with the best hearing aids for their needs. The cost of hearing aids in the UK will differ from person to person dependent on the model and level of technology chosen, as well as your available budget.

If you are looking to speak to an expert to get an idea of the price you may be looking at, do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 7486 1053 to discuss the cost of hearing aids.

Find the Best Hearing Aids in London

Many of the visitors to our audiology clinic in London wish they had visited sooner, helping them to find the perfect hearing aids for their needs and lifestyle, to get them functioning to the best of their hearing ability, making everyday life that little bit easier. As an independent audiology clinic, our number one priority is ensuring that we can match you with the best hearing aids from all manufacturers, offering bespoke solutions in accordance with your individual needs.

Once you have selected your hearing aids, it doesn’t end there! We want to ensure that they are reaching their maximum potential so we will see you until you are comfortable with your chosen hearing aid model and any adjustments needed are made. We are all trained on the latest software and models to help you thrive, working with you to help you get the very best hearing aids in London.

If you would like to book an appointment at our audiology clinic, contact us today to get booked in on a day that suits you. Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the process before you visit us, do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 7486 1053 today. We are on hand to offer you expert advice and help you achieve the very best from your choice of hearing aids in the UK.

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