Widex Evoke

Widex Evoke Hearing Aids

These hearing aids have interactive options to help you intuitively shape your listening experience, putting you in full control if you want to be.

And if you want to lean back – EVOKE automatically makes hearing aid adjustments suited to your needs and your environment.

EVOKE can differentiate between classical and pop music, and how a meeting sounds different to a party. It keeps up with you indoors and out – mapping your environment and adjusting accordingly.

Widex EVOKE hearing aids

Widex SoundSense Technology means that every time you use your hearing aids, they evolve. That’s because when you and others personalise your listening experience they learn from different situations.

You can teach EVOKE what you want to hear via the accompanying EVOKE app. Simply listen to two sound profiles and select the sound you prefer.

Turn your smartphone into a remote control with the Tone-link app, change programs, adjust volume, mute, and change directional focus.

The key to success with hearing aids is having them expertly fitted and fine-tuned by highly trained clinical audiologists. Call us now or complete the form below to arrange your trial.

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