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Hyperacusis is a condition that can prove debilitating in some people. Symptoms are evident when normal, everyday sounds appear overly loud, often resulting in a painful sensation. There is debate regarding an accurate estimate of hyperacusis, although it is thought that between 2%-9% of the adult population have hyperacusis to some degree. 

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Hyperacusis: Hypersensitive Hearing Causes 

Hyperacusis can arise due to the way that the brain’s central auditory processing centre perceives noise.

It is not uncommon for people with tinnitus to also have hyperacusis, however it is possible to have hyperacusis without experiencing any tinnitus.

Whilst the direct reasons for hypersensitive hearing remain relatively unknown, there is a strong association with the following possible causes: repeated or sudden exposure to loud noise, natural ageing, head injury, and mood and wellbeing.

Hyperacusis Treatment 

Although some people with hyperacusis say that they feel more sensitive to sound, it is not always impactful to their everyday life. Others experience sound in such a way that makes it difficult for them to concentrate, creating tension and negative emotions. The management of hyperacusis usually involves the treatment of any medical conditions associated with the condition and management of the symptoms. These can vary from person to person, although counselling, and often the use of sound therapy and custom-made ear protection may help. 

Whilst there is no known cure, current research shows that the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an effective tool for the management of hyperacusis and related symptoms. 

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