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Harley Street Hearing Clinic

Having been established on Harley Street for over 25 years, we are proud to be London’s largest independent hearing clinic. We have your hearing health interests at heart and will work with you to reach your true hearing potential no matter how often you need to see us; we offer you a lifetime of aftercare.

Our clinical audiologists understand that having hearing loss can be isolating and hard to accept. That’s why we treat every patient with care and understanding at our hearing centre.

We offer an extensive range of hearing solutions in the UK from all manufacturers, something that is not available from high street chains. As we are completely independent, we will provide you with clear, easy-to-understand advice about the best hearing solutions to help enhance your day to day life.

Visiting Our Specialist Ear Clinic in London

To help you find both answers and resolutions, we offer a full hearing centre service as part of our bespoke hearing solutions in the UK. From offering ear wax removal with same-day appointments to fitting cutting edge hearing aids, the team at Harley Street Hearing are highly trained hearing specialists who are on hand to suggest the best approach for you.

If you are an existing user of hearing aids looking to upgrade your model or are looking to trial new technology for the first time, we will undertake a thorough 90 minute consultation at our ear clinics in London and Manchester to test your hearing and establish a bespoke solution. During your appointment, we will discuss your hearing loss and your lifestyle to decide on the most appropriate hearing aids to suit. Unlike many high street chains, we carefully choose from hearing aids made by every manufacturer. Hearing solutions differ from person to person, with businessmen or women needing a completely different approach to that of a musician – the team at our ear clinic will get to know you to tailor their recommendations to your lifestyle.

Once you and your clinical audiologist have decided on the hearing technology of choice, you will be booked in for a fitting appointment. Various sounds from real-life scenarios will be tested to make sure you are fully comfortable with your hearing aids and are achieving the best results possible.

Harley Street Hearing Ongoing Care

Ensuring you find a solution that fits your lifestyle is paramount, so we offer a 30-day trial. We will continue to see you for any adjustments and re-programming until you are completely happy with your new hearing technology.

We pride ourselves on providing a lifetime of care for our hearing aid patients, building up a trusting relationship between you and our clinical audiologists. Once your hearing aids have been fitted, it doesn’t stop there. We’ll invite you back to our Harley Street clinic for complimentary annual reviews. This allows us to test your hearing and clean and check your hearing aids to ensure they are working efficiently for you.

Should you consider upgrading your current model we will advise you of any new hearing technology at your annual review and through our newsletter Hearsay.

Book an Appointment with a Hearing Specialist

Harley Street Hearing are here to make life that little bit better, helping you hear to the best of your ability. We have had some outstanding feedback from our current patients, with visitors to our hearing clinic discussing life-changing results that they wish they’d taken action on sooner.

If you are looking to get the ball rolling, do not hesitate to get in touch today. Contact us to arrange a visit to our Harley Street clinic or book an online consultation on a date and time to suit your schedule. An initial consultation is £100, and you can expect your 90-minute hearing consultation to be of the highest standards. Our highly qualified clinical audiologists at our ear clinic in London will provide a thorough understanding of how different approaches can help you achieve the best results and decide on the perfect solution for you.

Our friendly Harley Street Hearing team are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We are on hand to talk you through the process and clarify anything you may be unsure about. If you would prefer to speak to a hearing specialist with any enquiries before booking a visit to our hearing centre, give us a call on 020 7486 1053 for some professional advice.

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