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Phonak Lumity Hearing Aids

The new platform from Phonak is the Lumity range. The biggest challenge for hearing aid users is improved hearing of speech in background noise. Phonak report that the Lumity range help you to fully immerse in conversations in any environment. This exciting new technology delivers ground-breaking speech enhancement and directional microphone features for better speech clarity.

waterproof hearing aids

Audéo Lumity 

Audéo Lumity has many outstanding features including:

  • Motion sensors which automatically zone in if someone is talking to the side, front or back of you (this ensures improved hearing when you’re moving or stationary)
  • Hands-free blue-tooth connectivity for all Apple and android phones
  •  Fitness and health tracking
  • An array of accessories to assist your everyday life
  • Audéo Lumity Life hearing aids are resistant to underwater submersion up to 5ft (1.5m), for up to 30 minutes
audeo l-312

Audéo L-312

The Audéo L-312 includes an all-new replaceable battery option alongside SmartSpeech Technology and universal connectivity.

naida l-sp

Naída L-SP: Super Power

Naída L-SP is a Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid designed for those with severe hearing loss. They feature an IP68 rating and can be paired with Roger™ technology for better hearing in challenging settings and at a distance, with a 61% improvement in speech understanding in group conversations.

sky m
sky sp

Sky L-M and SP

Designed for children and teenagers, Sky Lumity prioritises speech understanding in noisy classroom environments. When paired with Phonak Roger technology, children experience up to 34% better speech understanding.

Phonak Audeo Slim


New to the range is the Slim hearing aid which has a unique ergonomic shape, for full details see here.

Naida Lumity

Phonak’s most powerful hearing aid, robust and reliable, allowing you to embrace all opportunities and navigate conversations with confidence.

Naída Lumity BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids are available in different models to suit all listening needs, ranging from mild to profound hearing loss.

CROS Lumity

A hearing solution for those with unaidable hearing loss in one ear and normal hearing or aidable hearing loss in the other.

CROS Lumity picks up sounds and wirelessly transmits them to a compatible Phonak rechargeable hearing aid worn on the ear with better hearing, automatically detecting sounds coming from both sides.

Phonak Audeo Lumity and CROS Hearing Aid Colours

Available in 8 different colours. Your audiologist will help you to choose the best option to match your hair, skin colour or personal preference.


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Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid Review

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