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With the advancement of hearing instrument technology, you no longer have to choose a traditional hearing aid. If you have been looking for a device that is invisible to the eye yet still provides superior hearing quality, the Lyric hearing aid provides the solution. If you are someone with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, the Lyric invisible hearing aid is an innovation that changes the way you view hearing aids forever.

By wearing it inside the ear canal, the Phonak Lyric is adapts to your personal needs. This provides you with discretion, hidden to those around you. Consequently, no-one will ever suspect you have a hearing loss when conversing with. Whether it’s in person or over a phone or video call, the Lyric helps to remove any stigma related to a conventional hearing aid. There’s no surgery required to fit the Phonak Lyric hearing aid.

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The Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid is 100% invisible!

As no one can see it, even from inches away, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities after fitting. Not only that, you can also sleep in it, shower in it and swim in it*. Having the ability to wear it for months without removal is a huge benefit. If you’ve been searching for a hearing aid that provides effortless, invisible use, look no further. We are happy to be Phonak Lyric providers at Harley Street Hearing Clinic.

Available via subscription, the Phonak Lyric cost in the UK ensures ongoing support for users. Eventually, once the battery depletes, you can visit us to replace them every few months. There is no need for self-maintenance, you will have the help of a Lyric trained professional. This will ensure you have long-lasting hearing that requires minimal effort for you.

Phonak Lyric – Effortless Use Every Day

There’s no daily insertion or removal required of the Lyric hearing aid. Battery changes and maintenance are not a problem for the user. People who wear Lyric say they no longer feel like they are wearing hearing aids. This provides a new lease of life for those wanting to experience natural sound again. Lyric is available via subscription. This means all you have to do every 2-3 months is have the Phonak Lyric hearing aids replaced. Our our highly skilled Lyric accredited audiologists are able to do this for you . This will ensure you will always have optimum battery life and sound without the worry of any loss in between.

Clear & Natural Sound Quality, As Confirmed By Satisfied Users

Unlike other digital technology that mimics natural sound, the Lyric hearing aid enhances it. This includes improved directionality and localisation of sound. Additionally, feedback is reduced compared to traditional hearing aids. Another added benefit of Lyric hearing aids is that they can be worn whilst using ear-level listening devices. These include headphones or your phone, with minimal feedback. Here’s what some of our satisfied Phonak lyric hearing aid users have said about this revolutionary hearing loss solution:

“It’s perfect for me because you can’t see it at all” Jessica-Jane Stafford – Actress & Harley Street Hearing patient.

“Quite simply it has changed my life” Karen Hardy – World Champion Ballroom Dancer & Harley Street Hearing patient.

“Lyric instantly gave me the ability to hear with a clarity that I had forgotten was possible” Freddie Ahad – Harley Street Hearing patient.

You can read more about our Lyric reviews here as well as further information about them in our FAQs.

Lyric and Tinnitus

Another benefit of wearing Lyric 24/7 is for those who have issues with tinnitus.  Lyric reduces tinnitus annoyance faster than daily wear hearing aids; as well as providing greater relief from your tinnitus, and improves sleep quality.

Phonak Lyric Cost in the UK – Affordable, Advanced Hearing Solutions

The differences to conventional hearing solutions are immediately noticed by those suitable for Lyric invisible hearing aids. That’s why we are confident those who try them will find it difficult to return to traditional hearing aids. Lyric is available on a monthly subscription of £125 per ear. Additionally, when your battery expires you can simply come in for a replacement for automatic upgrades. This is extremely beneficial if there are any advancements in technology.

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*Lyric can be worn in water with custom-made swim moulds

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