Resound Nexia

Resound Nexia hearing aids

Resound Nexia Hearing Aids

Welcome to a new era of hearing experience with ReSound Nexia™

Whether you’re a seasoned hearing aid user or a first-timer, Nexia’s cutting-edge technology and design redefine the way you perceive sound, making it as seamless as if you weren’t wearing hearing aids at all. Reconnect with conversations and re-engage in social activities, noisy environments will no longer be an issue. ReSound Nexia™ is small and comfortable, its oval shape with soft, symmetrical lines sits snugly behind your ears.

Resound Nexia hearing aid charger

Resound Nexia Premium Charger

Experience confidence with all-day power. These rechargeable hearing aids ensure a full day of usage. Pop them into the charger at bedtime, and they’ll be ready to accompany you for a new day.  Take the premium charger with you wherever you go, the portable charger not only provides all-day power but also serves as a power bank for convenient on-the-go charging.

Resound Nexia hearing aids streaming

Resound Nexia Features

Double-tap your ear to answer calls and seamlessly stream calls from your mobile devices to your hearing aids. The future of connectivity is here with ReSound Nexia™, ready for Bluetooth® Auracast™ broadcast audio. This advanced standard provides superior sound quality with significantly lower battery consumption, transforming your audio experiences in various settings. Share audio with other Auracast-enabled devices like hearing aids, headphones, and mobile devices.

Enhance your TV time with the TV-Streamer+, which sends the sound directly to your hearing aids at your preferred volume, bringing harmony to family settings. You can adjust the TV volume and ambient sounds using the ReSound Smart 3D™ app. The app is your go-to companion. Learn how to wear your hearing aids correctly, personalise your sound experience, and seek assistance from your hearing care professional. There’s also a new ‘Hear in Noise’ program so you can tailor your listening experience in the app.

Resound Nexia hearing aid colours

BTE – Behind-the-ear and RIE – Receiver-in-ear options are available in 8 colours to match your hair colour or personal preference.

Resound Nexia hearing aid colours

Resound Nexia Custom Hearing Aid Colours

Now in 6 colours for your preference.
Custom Nexia Hearing Aid Colours

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Resound Nexia Hearing Aids Review

Matthew Allsop, Partner at Harley Street Hearing is the content creator for Hearing Tracker – the world’s first truly-independent resource for hearing aid customers on Youtube. He gives his honest opinion on all new hearing aid technology. See Matthew’s video on the new Resound Nexia hearing aids here:

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