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ReSound hearing aids

ReSound hearing aids are the ground-breaking hearing aid technology that offers hearing solutions with the combination of original thinking, innovative design, and unrivalled technology. With deep audiological insight into how hearing aid users experience sound, nanotechnology hearing aids such as ReSound offer a new way that users can enjoy the sounds of the world. Book your hearing consultation today, and one of our highly qualified clinical audiologists will advise the best hearing aid products bespoke to your specific hearing needs.

Resound NEXIA

Resound have unveiled their latest family of hearing technology – Nexia. Rechargeable hearing aids with cutting-edge technology, available in 8 different colours. For more details see here.

Resound Omnia hearing aids

Resound OMNIA

ReSound Omnia hearing aids delivers new speech enhancement and directional microphone features which Resound state delivers a 150% improved speech clarity — especially in background noise. For more details see here

Resound LinX Quattro hearing aids

ReSound LiNX Quattro – advanced

The ReSound LiNX Quattro, also known as the GN ReSound Quattro hearing aid, uses the most advanced technology, making it vastly easier to pick up speech and locate where it is coming from. This ReSound hearing aid has the ability to produce the clearest sound, without losing the full scope of noises within your environment, with 14 ReSound LiNX colours available. Linx Quattro has been superseded by Omnia see here 

ReSound Desktop Charger

ReSound Key – essential

The Resound Key hearing aid is suitable for all types of hearing loss. With a consultation with one of our highly skilled audiologists we can find your perfect Resound Key hearing aid to suit your hearing, lifestyle, wants and needs. You will be able to clearly hear speech from the side, back and in front of you giving you improved awareness of your surroundings.

With Resound Key you will have more natural hearing meaning you can fully join in conversations  and feel less tired by the end of the day.

If you like the latest gadgets or struggle changing batteries, your rechargeable Resound Key comes with an easy-to-use desktop charger. For travelling you can also upgrade to a Premium portable charger.

Resound ENZO 3D colours

ReSound Enzo Q – advanced

The Resound Enzo can serve individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss. This nanotechnology hearing aid comes in two behind-the-ear styles, available in a wide range of different colour options. As a nanotechnology hearing aid, every component of the GN ReSound Enzo is coated with iSolate nanotech, an ultra-thin shield that seals it safely from water, dust, and ear wax. The battery life is also exceptional, with long durability.

Resound accessories

ReSound Hearing Aids Wireless Accessories

Resound hearing aids come with an ecosystem of wireless accessories. These allow for discreet, direct streaming, and full control over your hearing aid. You also have the ability to adjust the sound on a personalised level, allowing you to hear the world as you best see fit. With ReSound nanotechnology hearing aids, you can enjoy countless opportunities to hear more, and do more, even in the more challenging situations and environments in life. As we are an independent clinic, we have the ability to choose from all ReSound hearing aids available, giving you the power of choice when deciding upon your new hearing technology.

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Resound One Custom and Omnia Reviews

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