Hearing Loss Chart

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Hearing Loss Chart (Audiogram) 

An audiogram is the official name given to the hearing loss chart that marks your hearing loss and helps visualise your level of hearing in each ear. Pure tone audiometry is carried out to obtain the audiogram, which then displays the results in a more accessible format. It is important to be able to understand the severity of any hearing loss present to enable you to find the best and most appropriate solution; this can include hearing aids to help alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of your daily life. 

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Hearing Loss Levels 

Audiograms will show the categories of hearing loss, so that you can better understand your level of hearing. During the hearing assessment, our audiologists will perform audiometry alongside an examination of your ears. The audiogram is a chart displaying the results of audiometry, with frequency (measured in hertz) running along the x axis and loudness (measured in decibels) running along the y axis. Each ear is measured separately, and the results are saved to allow us to monitor your hearing moving forward. 

The table below shows the hearing loss categories and how it might equate to your day-to-day experiences with your hearing. 

Hearing Loss Descriptor 

Average Hearing Threshold Levels (dB HL) 


Normal hearing 

Less than 20 

Little to no hearing difficulties 


21 – 40 

Begin to struggle with background noise and quiet speech 


41 – 70 

Struggle with background noise, quiet speech, and louder TV/radio volumes may be required 


71 – 95 

Struggle with regular conversation, background noise, louder TV/radio volumes are required 


In excess of 95 

Extremely difficult to hear most sounds 

 If your hearing lies outside of the normal range, you may benefit from hearing aids that will make social interactions and listening to music easier. We provide demonstration appointments after the hearing assessment, to enable you to find the right solution for your hearing. 

Understanding Your Hearing Loss Chart 

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