Discover the Power of Invisible Hearing Aids: Phonak Lyric

Are you among the 62% of people who haven’t heard of the Phonak Lyric invisible hearing aid? Or perhaps you’re part of the 38% who have, but aren’t aware of the latest developments? Either way, we have some exciting news that could transform your hearing experience.

Why Choose the Truly Invisible Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid?

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is a game-changer for many of our patients who would otherwise resist wearing hearing aids. If you’ve been struggling to hear in restaurants, adjusting your television volume, or finding it hard to follow conversations in group settings, Phonak Lyric could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why:

  • Invisibility: Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal, making it 100% invisible. You can experience better hearing without anyone knowing you’re wearing a hearing aid.
  • Continuous Use: Lyric is worn 24/7 for between 2-3 months at a time. It’s hassle-free and requires no maintenance or batteries to change or charge. You can shower, exercise, and even sleep with it.
  • Natural Sound Quality: Lyric uses the ear’s natural anatomy to amplify and give you a full, natural listening experience. It’s particularly popular with musicians who find its sound more natural than digital hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus Relief: Many of our patients have reported that the constant amplification and stimulation of the auditory system provided by Lyric can help relieve tinnitus symptoms and improve sleep quality.
  • Self-Replacement: As of May 2024, the FDA has cleared self-replacement for Lyric users. This means you can change the device yourself, reducing your visits to the audiologist by 50%.

Is Phonak Lyric Right for You?

If you’re interested in the Phonak Lyric invisible hearing aid, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your audiologist at an approved Lyric Centre. They can provide more information, assess your suitability, and even train you on self-insertion if appropriate.

Don’t let hearing challenges hold you back. Harley Street Hearing are the Number 1 Lyric Hearing Clinic in Europe.  Contact us today for an appointment and a risk-free trial of this revolutionary hearing aid technology. Experience the difference Phonak Lyric can make in your life. We look forward to helping you on your journey to better hearing.

Phonak Invisible Hearing Aid ‘Lyric’ Review

Matthew Allsop is a Partner at Harley Street Hearing and the content creator for Hearing Tracker, where he shares his honest opinions on all things to do with hearing health and hearing aid technology. Hearing Tracker is the world’s first truly independent resource for hearing aid customers. So for more detailed information on Lyric, the world’s only truly invisible hearing aid, see Matthew’s review below.

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