Sound Seekers 60th Anniversary at the Palace

kinds sitting on truck in Zambia
© Sound Seekers

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of ‘Sound Seekers’, Harley Street Hearing’s Director, Matthew Allsop attended their event at Buckingham Palace this week.

In attendance was their patron, HRH Duke of York, and CEO Kavita Prasad, who spoke about the amazing work Sound Seekers are doing training audiological provision in Africa.  They do this by partnering with:

  • major hospitals and health service providers to improve the prevention, identification and management of hearing loss
  • schools to improve the quality of education for children with hearing loss
  • communities and wider stakeholders to raise awareness on hearing loss and advocate for equal opportunities for people with hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be both a cause and effect of poverty.  To combat this, Sound Seekers work to secure the future of people with hearing loss in some of the poorest communities of the developing world.

Sound Seekers were previously known as The Commonwealth Society for the Deaf.  For more information on the Sound Seekers work click here