Starkey Livio AI Healthables – Medical Technology article

Harley Street Hearing Operations Director Matthew Allsop is interviewed in the latest issue of ‘Medical Technology’ magazine.  The article is about Starkey’s latest smart hearing aid Livio AI, known as ‘heathable’, is bridging the gap between healthcare and consumer tech.

Livio acts like headphones, directly streaming phone calls and music into the wearer’s ears, as well as tracking both physical exercise and brain health.

Younger patients are often slower and more reluctant to see a doctor when they start to experience hearing difficulties. There remains an assumption that hearing loss is associated with old age.

Matthew suggests maybe by having these devices “more integrated into people’s worlds” could change this preconception. 

Encouraging younger people to tackle their hearing loss earlier on is particularly important since the numbers of young people with hearing loss is only growing.  The WHO estimates 1.1 billion people aged between 12 and 35 are at risk of losing their hearing.

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