Introducing Phonak Roger On iN v2

Phonak Roger On iN v2 hearing aid microphone

Phonak Roger On In v2 docking stationA brand-new accessory addition to the hugely successful Phonak Roger portfolio, Roger On iN v2 is a versatile microphone dedicated for all conversation where background noise is present, or when there is a distance to the talker. Roger On iN v2 is a third ear for virtually all difficult and ever-changing listening situations.

With the new Headset Mode, Phonak Roger On iN V2 replaces the function of computer’s microphone. This way, Phonak Roger On iN V2 can now be used as a headset for online calls, allowing two-way voice streaming when connected to a computer via USB cable.

Roger On iN v2 graphite grey colourPhonak Roger On iN v2 champagne colour

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer Phonak Roger On iN V2 recognises the sound environment and its position, and switches automatically between Table mode, Presenter mode and Pointing mode. With its display it’s possible to see which mode is active and the status of the device.

Roger On is available in two modern colours Champagne and Graphite Grey.

How can the Roger On microphone assist your hearing?

Phonak Roger Microphone


  • In headset mode for on-line calls
  • On the table during meetings, social gatherings, group situations at school or college
  • Can be worn by a presenter, lecturer or instructor
  • Streaming TV or music



Hearing in background noise

Today’s hearing aids do an excellent job of improving speech understanding. However, a third of hearing aid wearers report they still have challenges hearing in noisy situations.1

Phonak Roger

Roger technology is designed to boost the performance of hearing aids and cochlear implants, regardless of background noise or the distance to the person talking, by picking up the voice and transmitting it wirelessly to the listener.

Other Phonak Roger Microphones

Reduce distracting background noise using Phonak Roger Microphones. Ideal if you need to zone in on noisy social situations, meetings or presentations. You can even connect to your tv’s audio output. Roger will enhance your hearing.

Roger Table MicrophoneRoger Table Mic II

Designed for group situations either socially, work meetings or school or colleges; multiple microphones can be connected in a MultiTalker Network to cover large meetings. It selects the person who’s talking and switches automatically between the meeting participants.

Roger Select MicrophoneRoger Select™

Can be worn by a presenter or placed on a table. When multiple conversations take place, the listener can manually select whom to listen to.


Hearing Aid Receiver Options

In hearing aids featuring RogerDirect™ the receiver can be installed directly. No need to add an external receiver. For other hearing aids and implants there are several types of receivers available.

Roger Neckloop

Ideal for teachers, instructors or presenters, when they wear the Neckloop you can hear instructions clearly in group situations.



Phonak Roger systems may be reimbursed for work or for school, college or university students. If you are eligible, your clinical audiologist can help you to apply.

If you’d like to come in for a hearing consultation, our highly trained clinical audiologists at Harley Street Hearing will be delighted to talk you through and demo all new technology available for your individual hearing needs. Call us on 020 7486 1053 or complete the form.

1.Abrams, H. B., & Kihm, J. (2015). An introduction to MarkeTrak IX: A New Baseline for the Hearing Aid Market. Hearing Review, 22(6), 16.

Review for Roger On iN v2 hearing aid microphone

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