Make Listening Safe Campaign – UK Launch Event 

Harley Street Hearing’s Matthew Allsop (Partner), Fiona Butterworth (Clinical Lead for Musicians’ Services), and Matt Frost (Clinical Audiologist) attended the launch event for the UK Make Listening Safe Campaign, the pilot scheme for the global World Health Organisation Make Listening Safe initiative. 

The event was attended by numerous experts in the field, allowing like-minded individuals to discuss the ways in which we can better support the general population to encourage safe listening habits. 

Stephen Wheatley talked about the importance of the campaign, referencing research in 2015 by the World Health Organisation that suggested there were more than 1 billion people between 10 and 40 years old who are at risk of avoidable hearing loss due to noise exposure. A recent update forecasts that 2.5 billion of us will be affected by 2050, which is 1 in 4 of the world’s population.

You can watch Stephen Wheatley’s Sky interview from earlier the same day below.


Mark Laureyns and Amarilis Melendez Medina discussed their involvement from the World Health Organisation perspective and showed their excitement for how this UK-based initiative will expand to more global measures.  

Professor Stephen Dance, representing The UK Acoustics Network, provided intriguing insights on the potential impacts of hearing loss. He also demonstrated a hearing loss simulator, helping to educate the diverse audience on what a noise-induced high-frequency hearing loss might sound like. 

Dr Dalia Tsimpida from the University of Southampton, discussed her findings from several research perspectives and showed this insightful video designed to help people understand the importance of managing good hearing health hygiene. 

The event launched the first theme which will focus on managing noise exposure from headphones – a big task given how many people use them daily. Harley Street Hearing and Musicians’ Hearing Services are excited to support the campaign – watch this space for more information as the campaign gains speed. 

You can read more about the Make Listening Safe Campaign here

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