Widex’s NEW Moment SmartRIC Hearing Aid

SmartRIC Hearing Aid

Hearing aid manufacturer Widex are back with a ‘completely new style’ of hearing aid both in design and functionality.

widex smartRIC hearing aid

Audiologists know that once a patient wears a Widex hearing aid it’s very difficult to get them to wear any hearing aids from another manufacturer, and the reason being is that Widex have their own unique sound with their sound philosophy being that less is more to achieve as natural a sound as possible.

widex smartRIC

SmartRIC New L-Shaped Design

The first and obvious thing that clearly stands out is their new slim L-shaped design with the directional microphone inlets tucking the microphones away on the side plus changing the microphone position to more of a 20 degrees horizontal angle which Widex states gives two key benefits over and above their previous technology:

Firstly – this changing microphone angle will improve the effectiveness of the directional microphones and therefore improve your ability to hear in background noise.

Secondly – with the microphones being more tucked away this will also improve their functioning in windy environments and also with any handling noise. So when you’re out on a windy day the sound shouldn’t be quite as overwhelming as with their predecessors, giving you a 20 decibel reduction in wind noise, and also if you run your fingers through your hair or you’re touching the hearing aids there should be an 88% improvement in touch noise.

Widex SmartRIC Colours

Widex have five different colours to choose with four being the most popular from their previous range, and the new addition of rose gold.

widex smartRIC hearing aid colours

Widex new SmartRIC Charger

Widex have found a way to take their smart recharger to another level. As it isn’t just the hearing aid that’s had a redesign but they’ve also overhauled their rechargeability too. They’ve done so by introducing this brand new supercharger – there’s nothing else like it out there from any other hearing aid manufacturer.

It just looks cool, just like the hearing aids themselves this has a solid, quality, well-built feel which can’t be said for all of the technology that’s currently out there at the moment.

widex smartRIC hearing aid charger

The lid has a magnetic shutter to keep it closed, which is way better than having a catch, which is bound to break sometime.  It has a power button, is USB-C charged, but can also be charged using Chi Wireless technology too. There are also three LEDs indicating the life left in the battery built into the charger itself, this is also a portable charger which breaks all records, storing 5 days worth of charge in the charger itself.

All of the other manufacturers have chargers so if you go away for a long weekend camping somewhere for example, and you don’t have easy access to power you’ll get a maximum of 3 days worth of battery life from them. Widex come with 5 days now to top that these hearing aids can hold 37 hours of charge with no Bluetooth streaming, and up to 27 hours with 8 hours of streaming. So technically with that and the charger itself, you should be able to get seven full days with your portable charger of charge.

Widex SmartRIC Suitability

Widex similarly to other hearing aids also have interchangeable receivers so if you’re hearing loss falls within the grey shaded area (that’s whether you have a mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss) they’re technically suitable for you.

widex smartRIC hearing aid suitability

The Widex Moment platform gives patients the most natural, and best sound that Widex have ever been able to provide, along with their unique pure sound technology and their tinnitus features, plus their Bluetooth connectivity.

In a recent Which? report, hearing aid users rated Widex as one of the number one hearing aid brands.

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best hearing aid brands which

The Widex Smart RIC is coming to the UK soon so if you’re interested in trialling this or any other hearing technology don’t hesitate to contact us call 020 7486 1053.

Widex Moment SmartRIC Hearing Aid Review

Matthew Allsop is a Partner at Harley Street Hearing, and a content creator for Hearing Tracker, where he shares his honest opinion on all new hearing aid technology. Hearing Tracker is the world’s first truly independent resource for hearing aid customers. You can view his video where he shares his opinions on the the new Widex SmartRIC hearing aid below.

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