Musicians’ Union – Hyperacusis Case Study

Musicians’ Hearing Services features in a case study published by Musicians’ Union, detailing how we helped composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Paul Russell, overcome his struggles with hyperacusis.

Sharing his story, Paul says: “It started with the kids at home. Then I noticed it on trains or at the airport, the Tannoy systems or the beeping noise when the doors open. I do quite a lot of work as a front-of-house sound engineer. When I went to mix a concert, the drummer started playing the kick drum and it pinned me to the back of the wall. It was just completely impossible for me to be around that level of volume.”

Following an appointment with an ENT consultant who advised Paul he had irreversible hearing loss, he got in touch with Musicians’ Hearing Services for a second opinion. With a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and sound generators, Paul saw “life-changing” impacts.

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