Protect Your Ears, Skydivers!

Protect Your Ears, Skydivers: A Call to Action from Matthew Allsop

Matthew Allsop, Partner of Harley Street Hearing, and a passionate advocate for audiology, is thrilled to see his hearforyears campaign gaining momentum. This initiative aims to safeguard skydivers from noise-induced hearing loss, a risk that currently lacks sufficient awareness in the skydiving community.

matthew allsop audiologist skydivingA few months ago, Allsop began his crusade to enlighten skydivers about the dangerously high noise levels they encounter during their thrilling descents. The hearforyears campaign, born out of a brainstorming session with Kevin Dynan, the Safety and Training Officer for British Skydiving, targets skydivers first, with plans to gradually reach higher authorities.

This month, Allsop’s first awareness-raising attempt was featured in the British Skydiving publication, reaching 6,600 UK-based skydivers and 60,000 students.  You can read the full article here.

Join the campaign here hearforyears and contact us for your own custom made hearing protection.

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