The importance of getting hearing aids fitted by a professional

For millions of people around the globe suffering from hearing loss, hearing aids are a lifeline. The incredible advancements in technology allow users to access sounds that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to hear and help them regain their confidence.

However, as we’ve mentioned many times before, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hearing aids. Not only does the device chosen need to be suited to the individual’s hearing needs, but its effectiveness hinges greatly on proper fitting.

Getting a hearing aid fitted by a professional audiologist means that the settings can be tailored to your specific needs and with so many features available these days, these subtle tweaks can make a huge difference.

Hearing aid fitting on a patient (1)

The importance of getting hearing aids fitted by Hearing Care Professionals was highlighted in a recent article by Audiology Worldnews discussing the implementation of AI in hearing aids. The article emphasises how AI can’t be relied on alone, and input from HCPs is crucial to ensuring that hearing aids continue to serve the individual needs of the user with correct fitting and adjustments.

A Harley Street Hearing patient, Mark Wilson, shared his thoughts in the article:

“I have Phonak Paradise, and my son, Lumity. We both use the AI but it’s taken a bit of tweaking by the hearing God that is Matthew Allsop to get it right. Sometimes the Noise Reduction can be a bit too aggressive. You can tweak it but it’s tough. Matthew is very good at subtle tweaks. Things like detecting and adjusting for car, etc.” 

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The importance of professional hearing aid fittings can’t be overstated, so if you’re looking for support on your journey to hearing better again, get in touch with Harley Street Hearing’s team of clinical audiologists.

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