Starkey Signature Series: World’s first custom rechargeable hearing aid

Hearing aid manufacturer Starkey has unveiled their Signature Series, a brand-new line of custom hearing aids with world-first features.

It’s their smallest line of custom-made products with three non-wireless custom hearing aids, including the world’s smallest custom rechargeable hearing aid.

Starkey Signature Series

The series includes three different styles, all fitted with Starkey’s award-winning Neuro Sound Technology which is designed to make it easier to distinguish words and speech more naturally, hear soft sounds without distracting noise and reduce listening effort. The Signature Series follows their artisan customisation process and service to create the perfect custom hearing aid.

Signature CIC R NW

The world’s smallest custom rechargeable Completely-In-the ear-Canal hearing aid. The all-new Signature CIC R NW is a discreet, rechargeable hearing aid whose charge lasts up to 38 hours and is waterproof up to 1 metre.


Signature CIC NW

A battery-operated Completely-In-the-ear-Canal version for patients who prefer the flexibility of zinc-air batteries.


Signature IIC NW

The smallest-of-small Invisible-In-the-ear-Canal hearing aids, for those preferring an extremely discreet solution.

Signature IIC NW

Starkey Signature Hearing Aid Colours

All models are available in six colour options ranging from black and dark brown to light brown and pink, to suit the preferences of the wearer.

The Completely-In-the-ear-Canal models also come with five shell colour options; white, medium brown, light brown, black and a duo-tone red & blue option.

Completely-In-the-ear-Canal R NW

starkey signature series CIC R NW colour options

Completely-In-the-ear-Canal NW

starkey signature series CIC NW colour options

Invisible-In-the-ear-Canal NW

starkey signature series IIC NW colour options (2)

Key features of Starkey Signature Series

  • Virtually invisible: Sit comfortably inside your ear, discreet to others.
  • Transparent sound: Neuro Sound Technology delivers clear and true sound, the way the brain intended.
  • Custom-fit to you: Starkey Signature Series hearing aids are custom fit to your unique hearing needs.
  • Neuro Sound Technology: Starkey’s industry-leading technology delivers soft sounds without noise and natural speech whilst significantly reducing their listening effort.
  • Edge Mode: uses AI to optimise sound quality on-demand for clearer speech or improved listening comfort at the push of a button.

President and CEO at Starkey, Brandon Sawalich, said: “With the introduction of Signature Series, the world’s first fully custom rechargeable hearing aid, and even better sound quality to Genesis AI, Starkey continues its drive to deliver the most intuitive, convenient, and patient-driven hearing products in the industry—further proving the best never rests.”

Starkey’s has introduced the world’s smallest custom rechargeable hearing aids with their latest release. Starkey Signature Series is designed to deliver clear, true-to-life sound in advanced technology custom fit to hide discreetly in your ear.

starkey signature series

Starkey Hearing Aids at Harley Street Hearing

Harley Street Hearing are proud to offer the brand new Signature Series, along with all other Starkey hearing aids to our patients. Our highly trained clinical audiologists can advise on the most suitable hearing aid for your unique hearing needs.

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