Digital Hearing Aids

We offer the very best digital hearing aids at Harley Street Hearing. Our digital in ear hearing aids allow you to hear the world like never before, enabling you to hear in a crisp, clear, natural sounding way. All types of hearing aids we offer are the very best in quality, expertly manufactured with our customers at the forefront of what we do. Book in for a hearing consultation at Harley Street Hearing today on 020 7486 1053, for digital hearing aids and enjoy the sounds around you to the best of your hearing ability.

Why Choose Digital Hearing Aids?

Using wireless digital hearing aids enables you with a whole range of different benefits. Digital hearing aids allow you to hear in a natural way, improve listening comfort and sit securely in your ear.

The main benefits of digital in ear hearing aids include:

Enhancing speech signals:

Enjoy conversation like never before while reducing bothersome background noise.

Elimination of feedback:

Often associated with analogue hearing aids, listen to the sounds around you with increased comfort.

Automatic Adaption:

Listen comfortably in changing listening environments. With digital hearing aids, you’ll never need to adjust the volume level manually again.

What is the Difference Between Analogue and Digital Ear Hearing Aids?

Analogue and digital hearing aids differ in many ways. When you buy digital hearing aids you can experience many more benefits than you would get with analogue models.

Analogue hearing aids work by making continuous sound waves louder. These hearing aids work by amplifying all sounds, at the same level. This means regardless of whether you are listening to speech, music, or background noise, you will be receiving the exact same sound wave, processed in the same way.

Listening environments are constantly changing on a day-to-day basis. As the listening environment changes, the ideal solution is a hearing aid that adapts to the sounds around you.

Wireless digital hearing aids have all the benefits of an analogue type, but they convert sound waves into digital signals. The result of this is the transformation of sounds waves to produce an exact, true to life duplication of the sound you are hearing. The computer chip inside digital in ear hearing aids allow for the analysis of speech, as well as other environmental or background sounds. Through this more complex process, an exact replication of real-life sound is achieved, giving greater flexibility in the sounds you can perceive.

Digital hearing aids also provide multiple programme memories, meaning your device can remember the sounds it hears, replicate them appropriately, and automatically adjust to your surroundings without any manual interference.

Types of Digital Hearing Aids

We offer many different types of wireless digital hearing aids at Harley Street Hearing. We choose from all manufacturers the digital hearing aid that is right for your individual lifestyle and requirements:

Digital Hearing Aids Cost

Digital hearing aids cost will differ, entirely depending on the level of technology chosen, the functionality of the device and your own personal, unique hearing needs. Get in touch to day to find out more about our digital hearing aids cost, and we can advise you on what model to go for when you choose to buy digital hearing aids.

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