Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment


Auditory Processing Disorder Test  

Testing for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is usually done by a specialised clinician called an audiologist. The audiologist uses a special battery of speech processing tests that measure an individual’s active listening skills. These skills include localisation of sound, discrimination of speech and degraded speech among others. 

Auditory Processing Disorder Therapy 

Management of Auditory Processing Disorder can be achieved through auditory retraining exercises. The aim is to help one practice different listening skills and use the brain’s plasticity to strengthen mechanisms of speech processing. 

Hearing Loss and Auditory Processing Disorder

Peripheral hearing loss can further exacerbate the symptoms of APD as it affects the ability of the ear to get environmental sounds to the processing centres of the brain.

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Best Hearing Aids for Auditory Processing Disorder 

There is no one good hearing aid for Auditory Processing Disorder. In fact, depending upon the underlying causes of APD, hearing aids may not be the appropriate solution, and management can instead be auditory retraining or specialised hearing technology called assistive listening devices. Your audiologist will advise you on the best treatment. 

Auditory Processing Disorder and the Workplace 

Auditory processing disorder is a condition that can affect one’s ability to appropriately discriminate and understand speech sounds, especially in noisy and complex sound environments. Since the workplace can encompass a range of soundscapes (eg. busy office floor or a meeting room) this means that someone with APD may find it more challenging to follow conversations, actively engage with colleagues and/or carry out some responsibilities of their job role. 

If you suspect that you may have APD, speak with to one of our clinical audiologists. We can provide treatment including assistive listening devices (ALDs) or hearing technologies to help support you in your workplace.   

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