Hearing Aids For Children


Hearing Aids for Children: The Discovery Process

Discovering your child has hearing loss can be an emotional experience. Although a change of lifestyle will be somewhat necessary, there are options available so your child can live without fearing any stigma or feelings of isolation. Our expert audiologists are chosen for their empathetic nature with children and can guide you through the selection process.

How to Recognise a Child’s Hearing Loss 

If you are your child’s primary carer, it is likely that you’ll be the first person to notice any hearing issues. There are various ways that hearing loss in children presents initially. This can include lack of or minimal responses, taking a long time to learn how to speak or if they often misunderstand what you are saying.

Some tell-tale signs include the following: 

  • Says “what?”, “pardon?”, or “huh?” frequently 
  • Does not always respond when called 
  • Appears inattentive or prone to daydreaming 
  • Has the TV set at a high volume 
  • Talks too loudly 
  • Has unclear speech or mispronounces words 
  • Becomes unsettled at school 
  • Is often tired, grumpy, frustrated, or overactive 
  • Struggles with reading, spelling and phonics 
  • Struggles to hear in background noise 
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Choosing The right Hearing Aids for Children

If your child has any form of hearing loss, there are so many benefits from using the appropriate children’s hearing aids. To benefit fully as they grow you should seek a solution as soon as you are aware of your child’s hearing issue.

Why Choose Harley Street Hearing

  • Fast-track family access to high-quality hearing services for children and young people. 
  • Personalised management to support your child’s individual development; at home / school / college / university. 
  • Personalised management plan to restore hearing or manage hearing loss in a way that supports your child’s development. 
  • Highly qualified audiologists chosen for their empathy and expertise with children and young people.  

We see many generations within families so why not have a hearing test yourself. Call us or complete below.  We look forward to seeing you for a consultation.

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