Ringing in Ears


If you are experiencing ringing in your ears, it could well be that you are suffering from tinnitus. Although constant ringing in your ears is the most common sensation, other noises are also experienced such as buzzing, roaring, clicking, hissing, or humming.

Tinnitus is defined as a ringing noise in the ear that is not caused by an external sound source. Recent figures from the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) estimate that 13 % of the UK population are living with some form of tinnitus. If you would like to get to the root cause of your ringing in ears, get in touch with us today for a hearing therapy consultation.

Ringing in Ears Causes

There can be many causes that may lead to ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, spanning from old age to an ear injury, to problems with the circulatory system. 

This is not a disease or illness, but is a symptom generated within a person’s own hearing (auditory) pathways. It can occur at any age, happen out of the blue, and sometimes there is a clear trigger- such as exposure to loud sounds. 

Of the percentage of the population who experience constant high pitched ringing in the ears a much smaller percentage are aware of or perturbed by it. This can be due to people becoming accustomed to the noise or just simply not bothered by the sound. Although most people experience it in both ears (known as bilateral tinnitus), sometimes they experience ringing in one ear only, which is known as unilateral tinnitus. It is also possible that people may experience a headache and ringing ears together, this is known as a vestibular migraine. When experiencing ringing in the ears and dizziness together, this can could be due to Meniere’s disease which is an inner-ear condition that can cause vertigo, a specific type of dizziness in which you feel as though you’re spinning and one-sided ringing in the ears. If you are noticing ringing in both ears, or one ear, and other symptoms such as dizziness, it is important to speak with either your GP or an Audiologist to have this checked

How To Stop Ringing in Ears

When you lose hearing, your brain undergoes changes in the way it processes sound frequencies. A hearing aid can be an excellent solution to this problem.

It is possible to manage the intrusive noises that can impact your hearing. With the help of specialised tinnitus treatment you can lead a regular life. Every patient is different and there is no single tinnitus therapy that fits all with the condition.

Assessing its severity alongside your hearing ability and general lifestyle will enable us to determine the right treatment for you.

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