Tinnitus Cure

It is quite common to be told that ‘nothing can be done’ or ‘there is no cure’. However, people do manage their tinnitus and carry out their daily lives after treatment. Research, carried out in the UK and other countries, has shown the benefits of various treatment measures in tinnitus.

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There is no tinnitus cure BUT Matthew Allsop, Partner at Harley Street Hearing gives very useful advice for anyone experiencing tinnitus below. 

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“I came to Harley Street Hearing due to a sharp escalation of my tinnitus. I had to take some time off work and felt a real scary inability to manage.  After doing lots of research online, I was even more bemused due to the conflicting information. However, the consultation at Harley Street Hearing helped me get a grasp of my condition and how to manage it in a much more effective way.  They were able to ground me with well formed and legitimate research, performed comprehensive testing, and used modern methods for coping with my disorder. They took into account my lifestyle, work, and history with tinnitus which helped form what I felt was a very holistic consultation. Now I have working methods to manage and control the impact of my condition and a greater understanding of tinnitus. I’m exceptionally grateful due to the very positive influence on my life.” Paul 


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