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Noise Protection ear plugs

Noise At Work Regulations came into force in April 2006 as part of the Control of Noise At Work Regulations 2005 act. The aim of this regulation is to protect workers from excessive work which could cause them to lose their hearing and/or suffer from tinnitus. The 2005 noise at work regulations UK replaced the 1989 regulations and introduced new requirements, action and surveillance checks for their workers.

Workers who may have exposure to noise at work can have significant impacts on their hearing, and in some severe cases may even lose their hearing completely if they are surrounded by dangerous noise levels at work.

We have custom-made earplugs available for your employees.  Ensure they are protected from excessive loud noise.

Noise Protection At Work

Hearing and noise protection at work should be issued to employees in the event where extra protection is required above any protection achieved using noise control or as a short-term solution while other noise control methods are being developed and implemented. However, employers should not use this protection as an alternative to ensuring acceptable noise levels at work.

Some of the requirements to achieving acceptable noise levels include:

  • Providing hearing protectors if they are requested by employees and if the exposure to noise at work is between the lower and upper exposure action values.
  • Providing employees with hearing protectors and ensuring proper use when exposure to noise at work exceeds the upper exposure action values.
  • Identifying hearing protection zones
  • Proper training and education

Avoiding Noise Pollution At Work

If you’re an employee and looking to avoid noise pollution at work, then you are able to request hearing protectors from your employee. In some industries, you may be able to consult with a safety presentative or other employee representative who can discuss health and safety matters such as noise pollution at work with your employer.

If the noise you are facing is intrusive for most of the working day, you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation, you use noisy powered tools or machinery for over half an hour a day, or your role is generally in a noisy environment, then there are certain expectations you can have of your employer to help protect your hearing.

Attending hearing checks can also help to ensure that your hearing has not been depleted over time as a result of dangerous noise levels at work and can also help to detect any signs of damage particularly before it becomes disabling.

We provide luxury custom-fit safety ear protection for use in industry, also motorsports and motorcycling.

One of our trained audiologists will take your unique ear impressions which is completely painless and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Biopact™ incorporates a special filter biased towards harmful frequencies but which cut out no more sound than is necessary to protect your ears. Fitted into soft, durable, silicone earpieces which can be worn under protective head gear.

Biopact™ is independently tested to ISO4689 and DIN17460 and conform to European Normalisation EN352-2 standards laid down for hearing protection and carry the CE 121 marking. Guaranteed levels of protection and comfort together with a lifetime of approximately five years.

Supplied in a clear silicone with a red dot for the right ear and blue dot for the left ear, but can also be manufactured in different colours and with cords attached.

Protect your hearing or lose it! – Read the official HSE noise protection guide.

Noise at Work Safety Ear Protection

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