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A gunshot is in excess of 120 dB (as loud as a jet engine taking off). This can permanently damage your hearing for life, cause distressing noise-induced tinnitus, or acoustic trauma (perforation of the eardrums due to an increase in sound pressure level) in milliseconds. So, it is essential to use the correct high-performance attenuators. At Harley Street Hearing, we have a range of different options if you need custom-made moulded shooting ear plugs in the UK, and we will be happy to help you find the best ear plugs for shooting.

Why choose custom hearing protection?

  • There are many reasons you should go for custom hearing protection for your ears. It will instantly suppress harmful gunshot noise and provide you with no gun mount interference. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a novice, you should be serious about your ear health and protection.

    Some of our best ear plugs for shooting allow for conversation and the use of mobile phones while you are wearing your shooting ear plugs, this enables you to be social without risking damaging your ears. This is an advantage if you go shooting with friends or will be taking calls when you partake. We can reassure you the risk of unexpected gunshots damaging your hearing is avoided if you wear our shooting hearing protection. The fact the device is custom made will ensure comfortability and no irritation in your ear canal. The last thing you would want is distractions when you are trying to concentrate on shooting.

There are two types of custom shooting protection:

Depending on the type of shooting you will be doing, there are two options to consider when choosing your ear plugs. Passive shooting ear protection will reduce the intensity of the gunshot sound, whereas reactive shooting ear plugs will enable some quieter sounds into your ears.

Passive shooting ear plugs

Filtered passive shooting hearing protection uses values and filters to instantly reduce the intensity of gunshot sounds without the use of digital suppression software, making them a cost-effective option. We offer luxury custom-fit Sonic Valves that protect your ears when you will need it most, they also allow you to hear normally when there are no loud noises like gunshots around. They are an easy to clean option and can be used by sportsmen, police firearm officers or army personnel.

The passive shooting ear plugs we recommend are the Emtec NoiseBreaker® and the ProFlex Filtered Passive Earplugs. The Emtec NoiseBreaker® is personally moulded and also provides ventilation for your ear and the ProFlex Filtered Passive Earplugs are a cost-effective option providing a multi-softness earpiece and a filtered passive module. If you would like more information about our shooting ear protection, you can click here.

Reactive shooting ear plugs

Our reactive shooting ear protection provides suppression of noise in the presence of a gunshot, this is joint with an active module that allows the shooter to hear speech, and amplify low-level sounds such as, the releasing trap during clay pigeon shooting and approaching game. Reactive shooting ear plugs will allow for conversation and the mobile phones without removing the hearing protection. Another advantage of these earplugs is the unrivalled wearing comfort, you can keep them in for long periods of time without feeling any irritation in your ears. Some of our plugs come with a two-year warranty, so be sure to check out all the perks we provide. You can find more information about the specific shooting ear plugs we offer and their features here.

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