Actor Nicola Alexis recommends Harley Street Hearing

Professional actor Nicola Alexis wanted discreet hearing aids to boost her confidence in both her work and home life. Harley Street Hearing helped her find the perfect pair.

Nicola has been acting professionally for 13 years and has a credit list bursting with big roles, from EastEnders to The Bill. She was diagnosed with a mild to moderate hearing loss with tinnitus in the early stages of her career, but she refused to take it as a cue to step out of the spotlight.

Nicola made an appointment at Harley Street Hearing, where she was tested and fitted by experienced audiologist Paul Checkley. “He was incredibly professional and everyone was very helpful,” says Nicola. “I felt that they were very much at the front of the market of hearing aid development and that I was really receiving the best care that I could.” After a thorough testing procedure and discussions about her needs and the technology and products available, Paul fitted Nicola with a pair of Widex IICs.

Given her profession, size and visibility were major criteria for Nicola, as was comfort given the petite nature of her ears. “These are very discreet, even with my ears being very small!” she says. “And I very quickly became used to the sound. Adjusting to hearing aids can be hard and the more natural the sound quality the better. I often forget I’m even wearing them so I feel they must be doing everything right.”

Nicola has now fully adjusted to her new aids and is thrilled with the improvements they have made to her life, as well as the aftercare she received from Harley Street Hearing. “I was able to make cosmetic changes to my aids to suit my needs quickly and easily.” She adds: “Being able to hear more is a major confidence boost, now I don’t worry about being in nosy environments or it being my fault if I just can’t hear someone.” Nicola also has noticed how the aids have made aspects of her career easier too. “Challenges like after-show talks, auditions and so on are no longer things to be dreaded” says the actor. “And in my career, having confidence is very important.”

Would she recommend Harley Street Hearing to her family, friends and colleagues? “Absolutely,” she says. “From the start they have been professional and considerate to my needs.”