Lyric is my angel – My personal milestone surfing 3-5ft waves with a hearing aid in!

My name is Alex Hayward, I’m a Property Renovator and Developer (Pinewood Property).  My parents first realised I had a hearing loss when I was 4.  I was given an NHS hearing aid when joining a new school age 7. I was stubborn at this age and never wore it! Then at university I was struggling in lecture theatres so invested in some digital aids. I only used these during lectures, never socially.

 After having your new Lyrics fitted what differences did you notice immediately?

Well it takes a short while to adapt. For 23 years of hearing loss it took me about 4 weeks. Not bad for 23 years ‘out of the loop’. There was no tiredness or side effects during this period, just a little different. Once I was settled in it was small noises like the fizzing of drinks or alka selza  (don’t remind me), birds singing, I can now hear hybrid cars also! Noises I’ve never heard before.

How has wearing your new Lyrics changed your everyday life?

It’s the small things that make a big difference.  Before I’d turn around to face someone and have a sinking feeling that it was third or fourth time they’d called my name, that’s gone – the embarrassment has been replaced by confidence. Previously I had a boss who mumbled and spoke  under his breath and I had to ask him to repeat himself time after time. It’s enough to make you feel so small. I’m not stupid,  just needed a little  help to get back to a level playing field. The Lyric itself is what I always hoped for. When I used to think about being older I always hoped  technology would be far enough advanced by the time I needed it. The Lyric is my Angel. Showering and sleeping with a semi-permanent device has been brilliant.

My personal milestone was after a sports injury , I ruptured my Anterior cruciate ligament and had a grade 1 tear of medial and popliteal ligaments in my right knee in September 2013. After prehab, surgery in January and a lot of rehab work I did my first bit of sport in late September 2014 surfing.  It was while surfing in Cornwall that I realised just how much difference the Lyric has made to my life. Knee in tact surfing 3-5ft waves with a hearing aid in! It was this point that made me so happy.

Why would you recommend Harley Street Hearing?

The Lyric isn’t cheap,  that may change but it’s a fact for now. However,  I was offered from a large hearing care company the same product and to travel to Manchester for care (I’m a Londoner). When I found Harley St Hearing and had my first consultation I was amazed that such care existed for the same price as travelling to Manchester 4 times a year.

Jaspreet Bhara is simply excellent.  You’ll enjoy the comfort and her professionalism backed up by certificates and European awards plastered all over the surgery walls. The team around her and the founder of Harley Street Hearing all make such a difference so when you’re feeling down it’s time to go and see them.