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Ask your audiologist about online hearingcare

What is remote hearingcare?

Online Hearingcare lets you remotely access some of our services without the need for travelling to see us.  This exciting new technology allows real-time adjustment to some of the parameters in your hearing aids in the comfort of your own home.  You also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have and ask questions.

Online appointments can be helpful for those who have just been fitted with new hearing aids, to make quick adjustments.  We can tweak the settings without traveling to in-clinic appointments, useful in a time when travelling is discouraged by the government.

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How can I arrange an online appointment with an audiologist?

Arranging an online appointment is easy. Simply call us on 020 7486 1053 or email us below and we will do the rest.  All you need is a smartphone.  Your audiologist will contact you at the pre-arranged time and talk you through some simple steps to connect.  Remember you do need a mobile phone that connect wirelessly to your hearing aids, we will be happy to advise you if you are not sure.

Does remote hearingcare replace face-to-face appointments?

No, the online appointments work alongside your face-to-face appointments and can be used during periods when you are unable or prefer not to travel, such as during the recent national lockdowns.

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