Hearing Loss in Later Life

dealing with hearing loss from old age

Dealing with hearing loss in later life

Harley Street Hearing Partner, Matthew Allsop contributed to this article in Health Times.

 “It’s typical for people to look after their eyes and have regular eye tests. However, that same trend hasn’t followed on into the hearing loss world.”

“It is so important that once hearing loss is identified it is managed, whether that is with medical intervention if it is something that can be remedied, or with hearing aids if it is a permanent type of hearing loss. On average, people wait around seven years from suspecting they have hearing loss or their family members telling them to get a hearing test until they have a hearing aid fitted.”

“That’s seven years of struggling unnecessarily. Hearing aid technology is different to what 99% of people think, both in terms of how they look and in terms of how they function, and with the right technology, you will not only improve hearing, but also improve energy levels, social interaction, and even delay the onset of cognitive decline.”

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