World Alzheimers Day & Hearing Loss

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Alzheimer’s and Hearing Loss

Reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s 

Improving your hearing is a way of ensuring you live a longer, healthier inclusive life. If you have a hearing loss this can lead to more and more isolation and a feeling of being cut off from those around you.

Talk to a trained professional in hearing health 

The first step to taking care of your hearing health is to see a highly qualified clinical audiologist. Once you’ve had a hearing test, your hearing healthcare professional will be able to talk to you about the extent of any hearing loss and encourage you as you take the following steps.

Find the right hearing aid to help you hear

There are hearing aids out there that will work well for your hearing loss and way of life. Hearing aids are essential because they help you hear sounds you may have missed. They also relieve your brain of the need to use resources from other senses to compensate for hearing loss.

Practice good hearing habits

Noise pollution is all around us, we hear loud noises daily, both at home, at work, and out in the world. Simple things you can do every day to protect your hearing and prevent further loss are to put your fingers in your ears when loud sounds come on suddenly, like when sirens go by, or on the underground, and to wear custom-made earplugs for noisy places like concerts.

If you find that you are struggling to hear in social environments, or have the TV up louder than those around you find comfortable, you may well have a hearing loss. Harley Street Hearing are the largest independent hearing clinic in London and have been established for 25 years. Come in to see us for a hearing consultation. Call 020 7486 1053 or complete the form below.

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