Resound’s new era of hearing with Nexia: Exclusively at Harley Street Hearing

Resound Nexia Hearing Aids

Harley Street Hearing are delighted to have Resound’s new Nexia range exclusively in the UK. If you want to be the first to trial these hearing aids, get in touch with us.

Resound have unveiled their latest family of hearing technology – Nexia. This next generation of hearing aids brings forth a range of innovative features and accessories, promising to revolutionise the way individuals with hearing loss experience sound.

Resound Nexia hearing aidsThe Nexia family introduces four brand-new premium hearing aids:

Nexia Receiver in Canal (RIC)

The hearing aid discreetly rests behind the ear, connected to the ear canal through a thin wire.

Nexia RIE 13

This model utilises a size 13 disposable battery and comes equipped with a built-in telecoil, enhancing its versatility in various listening environments.

Nexia 312

Powered by a size 312 disposable battery, this model lacks a built-in telecoil but excels in delivering high-quality sound amplification.

Nexia micro RIE

Resound‘s smallest and most comfortable rechargeable hearing aid to date, this model is 25% smaller than their standard RIC hearing aids. With a single charge, it offers an impressive 30 hours of battery life, ensuring extended use without the hassle of frequent battery replacements.

One of the ground-breaking features introduced in the Nexia family is the inclusion of accelerometers. These accelerometers intelligently adapt microphone direction based on whether the wearer is stationary or in motion. Additionally, wearers can conveniently answer phone calls with a double tap on their ears, similar to the functionality of popular wireless earbuds like Apple AirPods.

Nexia CROS

Specifically designed for individuals with single-sided deafness. This technology consists of a transmitter that detects sound on the deaf side and wirelessly transmits it to the better hearing ear, allowing users to access a full 360-degree soundscape. For instance, in a scenario where you’re seated on a train with your deaf ear facing a friend, the CROS system will transmit their voice to your hearing aid in your better hearing ear, enabling you to engage in the conversation.


Resound’s Nexia hearing aids excel in enhancing speech understanding in noisy environments, thanks to their signature combination of four-microphone binaural beamforming and omnidirectional listening. This powerful combination provides wearers with a perfect balance between environmental sound awareness and speech clarity, making conversations in challenging settings more effortless.

Auracast LE Audio

One of the most exciting features of the Nexia family is the integration of Auracast LE Audio, a new wave of low energy audio connectivity. With LE Audio, wearers can seamlessly connect their hearing aids to various audio sources, such as stadium announcers, train station announcements, or places of worship, all with remarkable clarity and distinction. This technology is set to replace century-old loop systems found in public venues, offering multiple hearing aid users the ability to connect simultaneously, while also improving sound quality and reducing battery consumption.

Resound’s TV Streamer Plus

Connects to your television and streams audio directly to both hearing aids using Auracast technology. This ensures that you can enjoy your favourite TV shows without disturbing others in the room, all while adjusting the sound to accommodate your specific hearing needs.

Resound Nexia Release Date

The ReSound Nexia family is set to launch in the US in mid-October 2023, with anticipation building for its release shortly in the UK.

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Resound Nexia Hearing Aids Review

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