British Academy of Audiology 19th Annual Conference

Harley Street Hearing clinical audiologist Matt Frost attended the British Academy of Audiology’s 19th annual conference, at the Coventry Building Society Arena, attended by 650 people from a wide spectrum of the audiology industry including audiologists, researchers and manufacturers.

British Academy of Audiology

The BAA aims to help its members develop their professional skills, provide a benchmark for quality and professional standards, and promote audiology as an autonomous profession. Conference plays a large part in the provision of continuing professional development for audiologists. A perfect channel for sharing best practice, guidance and knowledge.

Hearing Care Practitioners with Hearing Loss Research

Matt presented to over 100 attendees, reflecting on the findings of recent research looking at the experiences of hearing care professionals with hearing loss; for which Matt was a participant. Whilst still in it’s initial stages, the research aims to make recommendations for increasing accessibility and support for hearing care practitioners with hearing loss and/or deafness.

Matt said “It was an absolute pleasure to speak at the BAA. It was great to be able to share the initial analysis of a very exciting research project, as well as reflecting on my own lived experiences as a hearing care professional with hearing loss. The talk seems to have gone down very well and initial feedback has been positive and affirming. Thank you to all those who attended and took the time to speak to me during the day”.

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