London population urged to get a hearing test after worrying statistics

Are you guilty of ignoring your hearing concerns and neglecting to get your hearing tested? If so, you’re amongst a worryingly large percentage of the population who are also in this position.

In a recent survey, more than 60% of Londoners were found to have never had their hearing tested. This is despite the fact that 40% of them admitted to struggling with hearing conversations in busy areas, and an extra 42% revealed that they often have to ask people to speak louder or repeat themselves.

Some of the reasons behind not getting their hearing tested included not feeling like it was needed (39%), being too busy (16%) and because no one else they know gets their hearing checked (17%).

Despite hearing tests in London being highly accessible, these statistics raise huge concerns that more awareness and education about hearing loss needs to be raised, and we need to alleviate any worries surrounding the stigma of wearing hearing aids.

Interestingly, the study revealed that 34% of people polled could be persuaded by family and friends to get their hearing tested and almost a third (32%) said that if hearing health was to be talked about more publicly, it would encourage them to seek help.

At Harley Street Hearing, we’re passionate about ensuring that people are well-informed on how important it is to keep their hearing in check and make sure they know what treatment options are available should they need them. We have clinics in Harley Street, Golders Green and Swiss Cottage.

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Why hearing tests are important

Many people aren’t aware of how hearing loss affects overall quality of life. Once your ability to hear starts to diminish, so does your confidence and ability to participate in everyday activities and conversations.

The Specsavers study revealed that 12% have avoided social gatherings due to their hearing challenges. Whilst this may not seem like a large percentage in the grand scheme of things, it’s huge. For so many people to be worried about socialising due to hearing loss is sad and unnecessary considering there is help out there.

The impact that this can have on a person’s well-being is astronomical. Avoiding social situations can lead to social isolation, and over time possible feelings of depression and anxiety. Booking in for a hearing test can help to avoid these types of situations, as with the correct diagnosis a suitable treatment can be provided to help boost the individual’s quality of life.

Hearing aids really do work. Those polled who had already received treatment for their hearing loss said they’d rediscovered some of their favourite sounds including nature sounds (23%), TV and radio (30%), and music (26%).

So, why are so many people unwilling to get their hearing tested? When individuals are reluctant to undergo a hearing test, we often find that this is rooted from a fear of the diagnosis they may receive, alongside the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids and the social perceptions that come with that.”

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Stigmas around hearing loss

It’s no secret that even in 2024, many people still believe that there is a stigma attached to having hearing loss and wearing hearing aids. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Incredible advancements in hearing technology mean that hearing aids aren’t what they used to be. Where they used to be unsightly, uncomfortable and bulky, they are now sleek and stylish with thousands of different styles and colour options available.

Not only do modern hearing aids look better, but they work better too. Packed with lots of incredible features they can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, come with rechargeable batteries and offer specific features tailored to your individual needs such as background noise reduction technology.

For those who feel extremely uncomfortable at the thought of wearing hearing aids, there are even invisible options which are so discreet nobody would even notice you’re wearing them.

When it comes to wearing hearing aids, the pros massively outweigh any cons. With the correct device adjusted to your hearing needs, they can provide a drastic improvement in your ability to hear which can have a profound impact on your overall quality of life.

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Book a hearing test

If you believe you’re struggling with a decline in your hearing, we urge you to book a hearing test as soon as possible. Undiagnosed hearing loss worsens over time and the damage is irreversible. However, with early detection, you can get fitted with the perfect hearing aid to prevent any further strain or damage to the ear.

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