Introducing Hearsay #12: Our Newsletter for Cutting-Edge Hearing Technology and More

Welcome to the latest edition of Hearsay, your gateway to the latest advancements in hearing technology and insightful articles. At Harley Street Hearing, we’re dedicated to keeping all of our hearing aid patients informed on news on everything to do with hearing and our hearing clinics. In this edition, we have an array of exciting updates and resources tailored just for you. Including:

  • State-of-the-Art Hearing Technology
  • Rail User Discounts
  • Our very own Theatre Hearing Guide
  • Testimonial from Musician Alison Beck – sharing her hearing journey to overcome the taboo of hearing loss in the music industry.
  • Hearing Health Seminars – discover how our seminars and workshops can empower you and your team with valuable knowledge on protecting and managing sound levels and promoting hearing health in your organisation.

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